The Important Lesson Lady Gaga Wants ‘A Star Is Born’ Fans To Learn

Lady Gaga has been having a hellacious few weeks. Not only did she officially split from her ex-fiance, Christian Carino, but she has also been the subject to some pretty vicious rumors involving her relationship with Bradley Cooper. As Cooper announced that he too had split from his long-time partner, Irina Shayk, many questioned whether Gaga was the cause of the split. As the two shared an undeniable romance and chemistry on the set of their film, A Star Is Born, many fans believe that the romance extends beyond the big screen.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Bradley Cooper

Though Gaga has denied all rumors of an off-screen romance, that hasn’t stopped fans from coupling her off with Cooper. Worse, many are pointing fingers at Gaga and A Star Is Born as the sole reason for the double split. Rather than continuously feed into the gossip, the “Paparazzi” singer instead used her platform to deliver an even more important message to her millions of fans.

Las Vegas

On Sunday, the actress took the stage at the Park MGM in Vegas to perform her Oscar-winning song, “Shallow”. Before breaking into the ballad (which was originally performed as a duet) she shared some important stories with her fans. “My music and me, everything was “too gay”. I remember saying, ‘Well, I don’t see it that way but there’s also gay people in the world’. They told me it wouldn’t work and they tried to change me, but I never let them. You know why? Because I thought they were Shallow. ” the 33-year-old sated, reflecting on trying times in her career.


Gaga has been a long-time advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community and consistently uses her platform to speak out about the injustices that the community faces. It comes as no surprise that she would deliver this message during Pride Month and join a host of other celebrities and public figures who are demanding equality and change.

Gaga continued on to urge fans to respect the way that people chose to identify. She emphasized the importance of really listening to how people share their identity and noted how important it is for people to respect the many ways that a person may choose to define themselves.


‘Nowadays things have really changed. It’s not even just about LGBTQ anymore, it’s also asking people what’s your pronoun. Who are you? Some people have answers that might seem complicated but they’re not really. We’re just communicating more and changing” the “Always Remeber Us This Way” singer said.

The American Horror Story actress then continued on to show love and support for her fans no matter what their identity. ‘However you identify, I just want you to know I respect you and I love you and I want nothing more than for you to leave here tonight with as much bravery, courage, and inspiration, acceptance, and self-love as much as you possibly can” the GRAMMY award winner said reassuringly.

Be Kind

But the pièce de résistance of her speech came at the very end. Right before she finally broke into the legendary song, she left the naysayers with one, final, piece of advice. ‘Oh, and one more thing. Be kind. Be kind or fu*k off!’