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People around the world tuned in to watch Joe Biden become the 46th President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2021 and watched singer Lady Gaga perform the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” to usher in the new leader at his inauguration. Fans had much to say about the singer’s performance on Twitter, even comparing her outfit to one out of The Hunger Games.

Read on to see fans’ reactions to Lady Gaga’s performance.

Lady Gaga singing at Joe Biden's inauguration
Lady Gaga performing at Joe Biden’s inauguration | Alex Wong/Getty Images

People welcomed Lady Gaga

Author Jenny Han commented on Lady Gaga’s performance. “Gaga had to Gaga and you gotta respect that,” she wrote online. “Oh wow am I crying? Give Gaga an Oscar for this,” Han continued in another tweet.

“I can’t believe Lady Gaga invented the national anthem,” joked another fan.

Another Twitter user commented on Gaga’s singing chops that were on full display in her performance: “Lady Gaga just proved to the world once again of how amazing of a singer she is, she nailed the performance.”

Others joked that Lady Gaga looked like she was announcing ‘The Hunger Games’

With Gaga’s over-the-top fashion, people weighed in that she looked like she was going to announce the new Hunger Games, referencing the dystopian novel by Suzanne Collins.

“Gaga looks like she’s about to announce the tributes of the 100th annual Hunger Games,” a Twitter user commented.

Another person said: “Lady Gaga said: ‘Capitol? Say no more fam’ And pulled out her Hunger Games mood board.”

Someone else said on the website: “Lady Gaga on her way to select the Tributes for the nationally televised event called the Hunger Games.”

One fan even had their sound off, not listening to Gaga’s performance, but saw her outfit that made a statement. “I had the sound off, but from the pictures I presume Lady Gaga just announced the beginning of the Hunger Games?”

“If Lady Gaga didn’t have such an amazing voice I would think she’s introducing the Hunger Games,” CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez said.

“In case you’re wondering—Lady Gaga is wearing a dove, symbolizing peace, rather than the Hunger Games mockingjay,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler wrote.

Lady Gaga had something to say ahead of her performance


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The singer, who has been present at rallies for Joe Biden leading up to his election win, showed her support for the new President ahead of her performance on Twitter.

“Singing our national anthem for the American people is my honor,” Gaga wrote on Twitter. “I will sing during a ceremony, a transition, a moment of change — between POTUS 45 and 46. For me, this has great meaning.”

She continued in the Twitter thread: “My intention is to acknowledge our past, be healing for our present, and passionate for a future where we work together lovingly. I will sing to the hearts of all people who live on this land. Respectfully and kindly, Lady Gaga.”