How Lady Gaga Sampled Diana Ross for a Song off of ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to take risks with her music, especially while she created the magical and mythical world of Chromatica. For one of the songs off of Chromatica, fans discovered that Lady Gaga actually sampled Diana Ross’ “It’s My House,” although it sounds pretty different in this version.

Lady Gaga sampled Diana Ross’ ‘It’s My House’ for one song off of ‘Chromatica’

Whether it be dropping a song with Ariana Grande or jumping down to her stage at the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga always has plenty of surprises for fans. That includes a surprise in her recently released album, titled Chromatica. 

Fans discovered that her song “Replay,” from Chromatica, has a sample of a Diana Ross song in the chorus. From about to 0:53 mark until the end of the song, according to, fans can hear a sped-up version of Diana Ross’ “It’s My House” in the background of this song. 

According to one Twitter user, who showed the step by step process of how the track was sampled, the original song is also pitched up, with some added reverb to give it the same vibe as Lady Gaga’s other Chromatica songs. The relationship between “It’s My House” to “Replay” is still unclear, though.

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Are Diana Ross and Lady Gaga friends?

Although both Diana Ross and Lady Gaga made their mark on the music industry, it’s still unclear if these two performers know each other or are friends. It’s also unclear whether or not Diana Ross likes how Lady Gaga transformed her song.

However, there are still a few connections between these two artists. They were one of the few women to headline the Super Bowl halftime show, along with Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Madonna. Both of them share the zodiac sign Aries. 

Lady Gaga performs on stage during AT&T TV Super Saturday Night
Lady Gaga performs on stage during AT&T TV Super Saturday Night | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for AT&T

Lady Gaga released her album ‘Chromatica’ during 2020

Even though the album’s release date was postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Lady Gaga released her long awaited sixth album, Chromatica, during spring of 2020. That included singles like “Stupid Love,” as well as songs like “Replay,” earning praise from fans worldwide.

Aside from singing on her own songs, Lady Gaga featured a number of other artists during this album. That includes the award-winning K-pop group, BLACKPINK, on the song “Sour Candy.” Ariana Grande joined her on the song “Rain On Me,” dancing alongside her in the music video. 

For “Sine From Above,” rock legend Elton John joined Lady Gaga, each song earning millions of plays on Spotify. Music by Lady Gaga, including the album Chromatica, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms. 

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