Lamorne Morris Says Jake Johnson Was ‘Born to Play’ Role in HBO Max Original, ‘Minx’

Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris were castmates several years ago. While they are both working on different projects, Morris didn’t miss an opportunity to recognize the work Johnson is doing now. The famed New Girl star said his castmate was destined to play the role of Doug in the HBO Max original, Minx

Jake Johnson is current starring as Doug in the HBO Max series, ‘Minx’

Johnson is currently working on the HBO Max Original, Minx. In the series, Johnson plays Doug, a low-budget publisher interested in turning the quickest profit possible. Everything clicks when Doug meets Joyce Prigger, a feminist interested in publishing a magazine. Together Doug and Joyce create the first erotic magazine for women. The show is set in the 1970s. 

While Minx isn’t exactly based on a true story, the fictional magazine was inspired by similar adult publications. According to several sources, the concept for the magazine was based on Playgirl and Viva. Ophelia Lovibond plays Joyce Prigger. 

Minx premiered on HBO Max in March. The first season contained just 10 episodes and aired its finale on April 14. The streaming service provider has yet to greenlight a second season, but the team behind the series allegedly already has a plan mapped out. 

Lamorne Morris said Jake Johnson was destined to play his role in Minx

The series is a rather sharp deviation from the series that made Johnson famous. New Girl was good-natured and goofy. Minx is raw and much raunchier. Apparently, it was right in Johnson’s wheelhouse, at least, that’s what Lamorne Morris thinks. 

Jake Johnson appears as Doug in HBO Max 'Minx'
Jake Johnson | Katrina Marcinowski / HBO Max

In an Instagram post announcing Johnson’s appearance on Welcome to Our Show, a podcast hosted by Morris, Zooey Deschanel, and Hannah Simone, Morris noted that Johnson was destined to play his role in the HBO Max original, Minx. Later, he reiterated his thoughts when he appeared on KFC Radio as a guest. 

Lamorne Morris and Jake Johnson worked together on ‘New Girl’ 

If anyone knows what role Jake Johnson is best suited for, it is probably Lamorne Morris. Morris and Johnson worked together for seven seasons on New Girl. The surprise hit found Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, becoming roommates with three men who shared a long history. Together they navigated the challenges of adult life. 

Lamorne Morris and Jake Johnson appear together in 'New Girl'
Lamorne Morris and Jake Johnson | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Morris portrayed Winston Bishop, while Johnson took on the role of Nick Miller. Winston and Nick were childhood best friends. Morris joined the cast in the second episode. The part of a third roommate, Coach, was portrayed by Damon Wayans Jr. in the pilot episode. Wayans Jr. rejoined the cast as a fourth roommate in season 3. 

New Girl aired its final episode in 2018. While none of the cast has ruled out the possibility of returning for a reunion, they aren’t there yet. Series creator Elizabeth Meriweather told Variety that she will be ready with her “little tippy-tap computer writing stuff” when the time comes. 

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