Lara Spencer’s New HGTV Series ‘Everything But the House’ Will Have You Racing to Clean Out Your Attic

Your junk could be worth some serious cash. In HGTV’s new series Everything But the House, which premieres March 19, Lara Spencer teams up with homeowners to clear out the clutter and earn a little extra coin in the process. The series — which seems sure to appeal to fans of shows like Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers — will undoubtedly have viewers searching their crammed closets for their own hidden treasures. 

‘Flea Market Flip’ host Lara Spencer helps people tackle their clutter 

Lara Spencer and woman holding an afghan blanket
Lara Spencer in Everything But the House | HGTV

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Good Morning America host Spencer knows a thing or two about turning trash into treasure. She already hosts Flea Market Flip on HGTV, which features teams of designers competing to see who can earn the most from transformed flea market finds. Now, in Everything But the House, she’s working with a team of expert appraisers to help overwhelmed homeowners clean out their junk and list potentially valuable items in online auctions. 

“A house overrun with stuff can be daunting,” Spencer — who also serves as executive producer of the series — said in a statement. “Our team of treasure hunters empties the whole house to find hidden surprises that could be worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars at auction.” 

Sellers will part with everything from art to jewelry to coin collections in their quest for cash. In a preview, an expert tells a woman a pair of Barbie dolls might be worth $200 to $400. One family even discovered they owned a collection of museum-quality art, according to a report from Cincinnati Public Radio

In the ‘Everything But the House’ premiere, a retiree hopes to turn her collectibles into $10,000 in cash

In the new series, Spencer will be scouring homes from basement to attic as she looks for hidden treasures that could be worth big bucks. She’ll work with an expert appraisal team, including Jacquie Denny, co-founder of the estate sale and auction website Everything But The House, to find the gems in the clutter. But sellers need to be willing to possibly give up their items for next to nothing. In order to attract eager buyers, bidding for every item will start at just $1. 

In the premiere of Everything But the House, Spencer teams up with a soon-to-retire mom who needs to pare down her vast collection of porcelain figurines, decorative sculpture, and antique purses. Her goal is to raise $10,000. To help her get there, her son offers to sell some of the sports memorabilia, toys, and trading cards he collected as a child. 

Denny told Cincinnati Public Radio that making some extra money is one reason people are motivated to sell their stuff. But there can be other benefits as well. 

“This can give people closure,” she said. “For some families, it’s a social archeology. We go through the things with people. We help them decide what they can donate, and how to split up some items with siblings, and which items have the most value.”

Everything But the House premieres with back-to-back episodes airing Friday, March 19 beginning at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. 

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