Lauren and Josiah Duggar Already Joked About Giving Their Baby Daughter ‘Away Someday’ in Marriage

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggar family know all about Lauren and Josiah Duggar. Lauren was devastated when she miscarried her first baby — but now, the couple has a rainbow child, Bella. And there’s no doubt they adore the sweet little girl.

The Duggars are known for courting, marrying quickly, and rushing to have kids, though. And Josiah made a joke about giving his daughter “away someday” despite her young age. Here’s what he said.

The Duggars typically court and marry at a very young age

Counting On viewers know courtship is a huge deal in the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar taught their kids from a young age that they’re bound to get married, settle down, and have children of their own someday. But the Duggars don’t date like the average American. They view courtships as “dating with a purpose,” and there are many rules regarding what is and isn’t allowed.

All courtships must be approved by Jim Bob first. And when the Duggars go on dates, they’re chaperoned the whole time. Not only that, but the couple can’t kiss, hug, hold hands, or have sex prior to marriage.

Courtships are ultra-short compared to typical dating standards as well. A few of the Duggars, like Joseph and Kendra, tied the knot after just three months of courting. And Josiah and Lauren waited just 41 days until they said “I do.”

Lauren and Josiah Duggar joked about giving their daughter ‘away someday’

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Josiah and Lauren post plenty of photos and videos of their daughter, Bella. She was born in November 2019, and she’s growing up fast. So far on Counting On, we’ve seen Lauren’s difficult labor experience having Bella — but we know it was all worth it for the couple to have their little girl.

“This is Bella Milagro, and we’re so excited to have her here,” Josiah introduced to TLC cameras on Counting On.

“So, she’s just a week old,” Lauren added. And the new mom also added that taking care of Bella since the difficult birth has been “very easy.” Josiah then noted that having Bella is a new, fresh part of their lives — and they couldn’t be more excited.

From there, the clip takes a turn. Josiah makes a joke about eventually having to give his daughter away to another man once she’s old enough to marry. “We’re gonna have to give her away someday,” he started. “I don’t think I like that idea.” Lauren then laughs along.

Duggar family critics are upset by the couple

It looks like Josiah’s comments are making Duggar family critics cringe. They took to Reddit to voice their opinions.

“They are so focused on marriage being a girl’s entire success in life,” one Reddit user critiqued.

“And there is no way their little brains can imagine a situation where she is more interested in a career, or school, or running away with a Rachel instead of marrying a Robert,” another noted. “They do these children such a disservice.”

“He’s trying to make light of it but it doesn’t work at all,” another wrote. “So brainwashed.”

We’re hoping Bella will grow up with plenty of choices given what she wants to do with her life — and it’s certain Josiah and Lauren want the best for their little girl. Even so, the joke about Bella’s inevitable future wedding certainly didn’t land.

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