Lauren Conrad’s Morning Routine Includes a $188 Eco-Friendly Find

There’s nothing better than a morning cup of joe; for most of us, the smell of brewing coffee is what finally gets us out of bed in the morning. As convenient as having a coffee maker or Keurig is, it’s undeniable that the waste that these coffee systems produce is really harmful for the environment.

Luckily for celebrity entrepreneur Lauren Conrad, she’s found a morning coffee option that’s not only eco-friendly, but it’s beautiful, too. Once you find out what the former reality star’s favorite coffee brewer is, you’ll be rushing out to buy one for yourself.

Who is Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad at the 2nd Annual Autumn Party Benefiting Children's Institute.
Lauren Conrad | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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Conrad first became America’s sweetheart when MTV’s hit reality show Laguna Beach started filming at her high school in Orange County, CA. She quickly became the most beloved high-schooler in the country, especially in contrast to resident mean girl Kristin Cavallari.

After graduating from high school and moving to LA, Conrad got her own spinoff series called The Hills, which followed her and her new group of friends as she tried to start a career in the fashion industry.

Since then, Conrad has added many titles to her resume besides “reality TV star.” She’s a successful businesswoman with her own clothing and beauty lines as well as an author.

Most importantly, perhaps, she’s become a wife to musician William Tell and mother to their two children. 

Conrad can’t live without her new favorite coffee maker

New York Magazine recently interviewed Conrad about her ten favorite products that she can’t live without. The list includes products like a tub of coconut oil from Costco and a lip and cheek tint from her own beauty line, Lauren Conrad Beauty. She even included Roma tomato seeds on her list, sharing that she’s recently gotten passionate about growing her own vegetables.

Perhaps the most interesting product on the list, however, is something that’s crucial to Conrad’s morning routine: her coffee maker. Conrad shared that she bought her beautifully minimalist Kinto 4 Cup Brewer Stand after being gently nudged by one of her husband’s friends to consider a more eco-friendly option to her Keurig.

“He got me thinking. The next weekend we were going up the coast for a wedding and we stopped in this small boutique, where I saw this little coffee maker. I was like, “Oh, this is so beautiful.” It doesn’t require anything, including filters. I got it and have used it ever since,” she told the magazine. 

The fact that the coffee maker is eco-friendly is one of Conrad’s favorite things about it, and makes it worth the extra steps it takes her to brew her morning cup of joe.

“It’s definitely more involved than a regular coffee maker or a Keurig, but I actually think it makes a nicer cup. It looks better on your counter, too, and best of all, it’s a little nicer to the Earth,” she stated.

More about Conrad’s eco-friendly coffee maker

The simple pour-over coffee maker is made by Kinto, a Japanese lifestyle brand that is known to perfect ordinary household items. It includes the stand, the carafe, the brewer, and even a reusable filter so you never have to buy paper ones.

Its sleek design makes it look beautiful on your kitchen counter, as Conrad mentioned, and you can admire it while you drink your coffee every morning.

Best of all, it seems to be a pretty sturdy piece of gear; Conrad shared: “Mine has held up for a few years. We did have to replace one piece because my husband dropped it while washing it, but other than that, it has really lasted.”