Legendary Directors Can’t Stop Complimenting Adam Driver

Adam Driver rose to fame in the HBO series Girls and is quickly becoming one of the most-respected stars of his generation.

The intensely private Driver dislikes tooting his own horn, but he’s gained a great reputation during the relatively short time he’s been in the industry. He has appeared in both independent films and blockbuster movies, and with several award nominations, Driver’s career is likely only going to keep going in the right direction.

Keep reading to learn how Adam Driver got started with acting, what his biggest roles have been, and what several legendary directors have said about him recently.

Adam Driver was a Marine

Adam Driver speaks onstage
Adam Driver | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Adam Driver was born in 1983 in California, but spent the majority of his formative years in a small town in Indiana. As a young man, Driver worked a wide variety of random jobs, including telemarketing and becoming a door-to-door salesman. Feeling drawn to the acting profession, Driver applied to the prestigious Juilliard School for drama, but his application was denied.

At loose ends, Driver ended up joining the Marines. He found acceptance and a sense of purpose while serving in the Marines and ultimately served for over two years. He was given a medical discharge after he dislocated his sternum during a mountain biking accident.

After the accident, Driver auditioned again for Juilliard, and this time, he was accepted. In 2009, he graduated, and began working in New York City, mainly as a stage actor. He got his big break in 2012 when he was cast in Lena Dunham’s show for HBO, Girls

What are Adam Driver’s biggest roles?

Driver began earning critical acclaim for his role as struggling actor/carpenter Adam Sackler in Girls, but he expanded his repertoire with a wide variety of roles in independent films like Tracks, Hungry Hearts, This Is Where I Leave You, and Bluebird.

In 2015, Driver appeared in his first big-budget film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His work as conflicted villain Kylo Ren became a fan favorite and Driver’s face became widely recognized by the general public. He went on to reprise the role of Kylo Ren in 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the brand-new film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

In 2018, Driver appeared in Spike Lee’s film BlacKkKlansman, portraying real-life undercover detective Flip Zimmerman. For his work in the film, Driver earned a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Up next, Driver will be appearing in Sylvester Stallone’s latest film, Tough as They Come, and a musical called Annette.

Driver has proven that he is one of the most versatile actors working in the industry today.

Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee have praised Adam Driver

Adam Driver is a very private person and doesn’t do many interviews. In spite of his reclusive nature, he has earned a reputation for extreme professionalism, with many top directors praising his talent. Spike Lee, who directed him in BlacKkKlansman, praised Driver, saying that “game respects game.”

Martin Scorsese, who worked with Driver in the 2016 film Silence, also had high praise for Driver, saying that he is “one of the finest, if not the finest actor of his generation.” 

At this rate, it seems as though Driver will earn his first Academy Award within just a few short years. For a man who never thought he would actually get to be an actor in the first place, it is an incredibly quick rise to the top, but Driver remains modest about his success. He shuns social media and prefers to live his life well away from the spotlight.