Legitimate MCU Prop Subtly Hints at Captain Marvel’s Future

Captain Marvel has been a controversial character in the MCU, but Marvel fans are still very excited about the sequel. One of the main reasons for that excitement is because Captain Marvel, as a character, doesn’t really stay on Earth, unlike most other MCU superheroes. While she is human and she was born on Earth, she, like Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy, largely works in space. In the comics, it’s very common for things to happen in space or on other planets, and the MCU seems to be heading in that direction, too. In fact, a prop that relates to Captain Marvel hints at just that.

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Captain Marvel’s pager

Avengers: Infinity War was a massive team-up movie, and superheroes from across the galaxy gathered to fight Thanos. That said, a few key players were notably missing from the movie. For example, Nick Fury’s SHIELD was largely absent from the movie despite playing a big part in the other MCU films. Additionally, Captain Marvel was nowhere to be seen.

Both of these facts were explained in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, as well as in Captain Marvel. Basically, Captain Marvel befriended Fury, but she couldn’t stay on Earth since she wanted to help other planets. So, in order to stay in touch, she gave him a pager, and he was supposed to only use it in case of extreme emergencies. Right before Thanos snapped Fury into nothing, he used that pager to call Captain Marvel. 

What the pager prop hints at 

Like fans on Reddit said, a prototype pager that’s not too different from the one that Fury used in the movie has recently been unveiled, and it has some subtle hints at the future of the MCU and Captain Marvel. That prototype pager had a SWORD logo on it, which, like its name would imply, is related to SHIELD.

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SWORD stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department, and it’s part of SHIELD. In short, SWORD is basically SHIELD, but in space. That said, there hasn’t been any hard confirmation that SWORD will exist in the MCU, but there’s other evidence that suggests that it will.

For example, fans on Reddit noted that the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home also hints at the existence of SWORD. In that post-credits scene, Fury is seen lounging around in a space ship, which would imply that he’s part of SWORD now. 

How Captain Marvel relates to this

That prototype pager, since it’s supposed to be Captain Marvel’s, hints at the idea that she and Fury started SWORD a long time ago. That said, since this was just a small hint, it’s not necessarily what will actually happen in the movies. However, it does give another hint as to what Captain Marvel will do in her next movies. 

Some Marvel fans think that Captain Marvel will become a villain later on in the MCU, but this prototype pager suggests that she may instead have another role. Like she talked about in her first movie, she wants to protect Earth as well as other worlds. SWORD’s mission is similar to that, so it would make a lot of sense if she became the leader of SWORD. 

Currently, that’s what the MCU is lacking right now. With Tony Stark and Steve Rogers out of the picture, there are only a few characters who could conceivably become the leader of the Avengers. Captain Marvel is one of those characters, so her leading SHIELD would be a good way of building her up into becoming the next leader of the Avengers. 

With that said, this is all speculation right now, as Marvel’s phase four has yet to even begin.