Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, and Meryl Streep All Got ‘Hooked’ on a Healthy Energy Drink Because of Jonah Hill’s Obsession

Acting in movies and following the directors on every task can be anxiety-inducing. Everything needs to be perfect to fit into the film for the best results possible. Therefore, vices can be used to decrease anxiety in tough situations. Jonah Hill has one vice that is certainly addicting. He’s even gotten other actors addicted to a certain energy drink!

Jonah Hill can’t work without his Celsius kiwi guava sparkling energy drink

Jonah Hill attending a press conference for 'Mid 90's' at the Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at the Grand Hyatt Hotel
Jonah Hill | Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images

According to an interview with GQ, Jonah Hill calls the Celsius kiwi guava sparkling energy drink his “director’s juice” and doesn’t work without it. Every morning he drinks one of the energy drinks, which contains several great vitamins, minerals, and essential amounts of caffeine to begin the day. Hill stated because of the energy drink that he no longer drinks coffee in the morning. Instead, the high-powered caffeinated vitamin-infused kiwi drink is what he desires.

Celsius has twelve flavors of its energy drink. The drink is a mixture of green tea extract, guarana seed extract, ginger root, vitamin C, vitamin B, and chromium. Celsius promotes the drink as a zero sugar, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and vegan approved drink that helps you maintain blood glucose levels and energy levels throughout the day.

No, he doesn’t own the company

Jonah Hill is adamant that even though he drinks a lot of Celsius, he does not own any part of the company. Hill stated he is a sucker for their advertising and the taste is better than their competition. Once he tried the drink, he was hooked and found it hard to drink a limited amount every day. He carries a water flask with him to encourage himself to drink more water, but like most busy people with long hours and rough days, he usually fails to drink the two flasks he aims to, according to his interview with GQ.

Jonah Hill got other actors hooked on the drink while filming ‘Don’t Look Up’

Jonah Hill’s obsession with Celsius didn’t go unnoticed by his fellow actors. In fact, he is directly responsible for getting a few of them hooked on it themselves. During the filming of Don’t Look Up, he convinced Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, and Meryl Streep to try the juice, and none have been able to put it down since.

Hill’s role in ‘Don’t Look Up’


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Jonah Hill plays Jason Olean in the new movie Don’t Look Up, according to IMDb. The film asks, what will it take to get the whole world to look up for one moment. Two low-level astronauts race worldwide to present the facts to the media about Earth’s impending doom. A comet is aimed for the planet, and humanity is only days away from eradication. The film is set to premiere in time for Christmas this year.

Jonah Hill’s other vice isn’t as glamorous

Jonah Hill admitted to GQ he has one other vice, and he needs to break it. Hill smokes turquoise American Spirits, cigarettes that he is trying to convince himself to quit. He has tried to switch to vaping but insists the “mouth fedoras” are not for him. He has nothing against those who choose to vape but doesn’t see it fulfilling his desires. Hill’s interview with GQ lists the essentials the actor doesn’t leave home without including some crazy things like stickers and incense.

Everyone deals with their job and anxiety in different ways. Having vices can be good or bad, depending on how much you rely on them. Hill chose to drink Celsius for the healthy aspect and managed to influence other actors to join him. His smoking habit, however, is not one even he would not promote.