Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly Dated Audrina Patridge Just Before She Turned 25 Years Old

Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented actor; he also has a reputation for dating younger women. There seems to be a joke that once DiCaprio’s girlfriend turns 25, he has to dump her and find someone younger. And it’s happened several times.

DiCaprio has had his fair share of relationships. One dating moment almost happened with The Hills star Audrina Patridge. Patridge and DiCaprio nearly went out just before she turned 25 years old, which tracks with the rumors of the 25-year-old rule.

Audrina Patridge pursued other projects after ‘The Hills’ ended in 2010

Patridge began her career in Hollywood by appearing in The Hills. She starred alongside Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Whitney Port. Throughout her time on the show, Patridge was in a relationship with Justine Brescia, whom fans and her roommates hated due to his toxic behavior.

Brescia never wanted to settle down, and it seemed he was hell-bent on hurting Patridge’s feelings. However, Patridge kept returning to him but eventually ended things with the bad boy.

After her time on The Hills, Patridge appeared in Into the Blue 2: The Reef in a minor role. She also made cameos in Do Not Disturb and Mad TV. In 2008 she landed a part in Sorority Row, playing Megan. The movie followed the murders of a group of sorority sisters who helped cover the death of their sister. Sorority Row has a 5.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb and a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Patridge was confirmed to be a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars in August 2010, partnering with Tony Dovolani. The pair finished in seventh place. Patridge tried her hand at reality TV again, this time with a solo reality show titled Audrina.

The show was a flop and got canceled after one season. She then focused on movies appearing in Scary Movie 5, but her scenes were cut. Patridge returned for The Hills: New Beginnings.

Audrina Patridge and Leonardo DiCaprio almost dated

The former The Hills star recently released her memoir Choices: To The Hills and Back Again, and she didn’t hold back on spilling the tea. Among the many details she shared about her life, Patridge stated that she and Hollywood A-lister DiCaprio almost dated, but their lifestyles conflicted.

Adam McKay and Leonardo DiCaprio laugh during Netflix's Don't Look Up screening
Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay and star Leonardo DiCaprio | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

She recalled being flown out to Las Vegas for a prince’s birthday party, where she ran into several celebrities. She wrote, “I was there with a few of my castmates from the film, ‘Sorority Row’ as well as Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and even Leonardo DiCaprio.”

After the party, the group headed to a club, and while there, The Revenant star kept making a move on her. “This bouncer kept coming over to me and saying that Leo would like to get me a drink at his table. I looked over at his table, and he was surrounded by supermodels. It was intimidating,” she said.

Patridge continued to note that DiCaprio eventually came to her table and introduced himself before asking for her phone number. “We texted a little after the trip to Vegas, but we never actually hung out,” Patridge admitted.

The two never ended up dating because DiCaprio was very private about his life while Patridge was constantly filming for The Hills, which put her in the public eye.

Other people Audrina Patridge has dated

Patridge didn’t only namedrop DiCaprio in her memoir. She also detailed how her TV recognition ruined things between her and Wonder Woman star Chris Pine. She also recalled when she and Chase Crawford ran into each other in Malibu and got flirty.

She said that although they had chemistry, she decided to leave it at that and go home to Corey Bohan. She and Bohan tied the knot in 2016 but got divorced in 2018.

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