Lifetime Movie ‘Stalked By My Husband’s Ex’ Soundtrack Is Online: How to Listen For Free

Stalked By My Husband’s Ex premiered on July 25 on Lifetime. Nina (Juliana Dever) came after her ex-husband Ryan (Adam Huss) when he was about to remarry Kristen (Alex McKenna). If you liked the music, director Anthony C. Ferrante put the original songs from his band Quint on Spotify, and spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the music.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Stalked By My Husband’s Ex.]

Stalked By My Husband's Ex: Alex McKenna
Alex McKenna | Lifetime

Ferrante is part of the band Quint with Robbie Rist, who plays most instruments and cowrites with him. Susie Rose Major and Courtney Meloche sang some of these songs. Scott Peets and Joel Vader mixed songs and Don Frankel played keyboards. Ferrante named the playlist Songs for Stalkers, with a wink to Lifetime thrillers.

You might like the ‘Stalked By My Husband’s Ex’ soundtrack if you haven’t seen the Lifetime movie

Quint wrote original music for Stalked By My Husband’s Ex. They do songs for all of Ferrante’s movies since they have a band. Plus, most Lifetime movies don’t have a budget to licence music. These are love songs you might enjoy even if you haven’t seen the movie. 

“We wrote all these pretty ballads and then I go and ruin it by calling it Songs for Stalkers,” Ferrante joked. “They’re love songs but now hopefully people don’t just think of them a stalker love songs because you could misinterpret them both ways. Since it was a Lifetime movie, there’s a lot more wispy kind of adult contemporary kind of thing. So we were able to mine that world a little bit.”

Lifetime's Stalked By My Husband's Ex
L-R: Joey Rae Blair, Alex McKenna, Adam Huss | Lifetime

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If you did see Stalked By My Husband’s Ex on Lifetime, you’ll appreciate what the songs mean in context.

“I always feel like we’re writing a musical in a way because the songs tie into the emotions of the scenes,” Ferrante said. “Lyrically, there’s a purpose to them in the film when we’re playing them. ‘Love Is’ and ‘The Way of Love’ is playing at their engagement party. ‘A Different Pair of Eyes’ is written from the perspective of the ex who wants her husband to see what’s going on and looking at it from both sides.”

‘Stalked By My Husband’s Ex’ tracks come in the styles of classic rock

Ferrante had specific musical inspiration for every track for the Lifetime movie. He ran down some of the Songs for Stalkers tracks and their theme.

“One of them called ‘Love Is’ that sort of sounds like it’s the 1970s,” Ferrante said. “‘The Way of Love’ has that kind of 1970s, early ’80s crooner kind of style to it. They need to be kind of timeless in some respect. Actually, one of my favorite songs on there is called ‘Baby Stick Around.’ Robbie sings the hell out of it. I think it’s the closest thing we’ve ever done to capturing what Elvis Costello has done in his later years. It’s just a really cool piano driven song.”

These songs originally came from ‘Sharknado’ and ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’

Ferrante also directed all six Sharknado movies and Zombie Tidal Wave with Ian Ziering. Quint also wrote the Sharknado theme song “The Ballad of Sharknado.” That was Sharknado specifict, but there were other songs they could adapt into love songs.

“We did a remix of a song we did for Sharknado called ‘Crash,’” Ferrante said. “‘As Long As You’re With Me,’ we wrote it originally for Zombie Tidal Wave. That was supposed to play at the end of that movie. For whatever reason, they go, ‘Oh, we want score. This is too folky.’ Strangely enough, I was able to use it at the end of the movie during the wedding scene.”

Lifetime movie Stalked By My Husband's Ex
Alex McKenna | Lifetime

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Since “As Long As You’re With Me” was intended to run under the closing credits, Quint let it run long and had fun with it. 

“We have this really tender ballad and then it goes into this other kind of rhythm,” Ferrante said. “It’s still the same song, but it just keeps going. It shifts gears and becomes [like] The Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want,’ [which] just goes on and becomes this big gospel choir kind of thing.”

This is the oldest song in ‘Songs for Stalkers’

Stalked By My Husband’s Ex also gave Quint a chance to perfect a song they’d been tinkering with.

Stalked By My Husband's Ex Ryan and Kristen
Adam Huss and Alex McKenna | Lifetime

“Then there’s one other song which we’ve been trying to get right for the last four years,” Ferrante said. “It’s called ‘Peace of My Mind.’ We did one version of it and it’s kind of written for stuff that was going on at the time. It kind of has a lot more resonance now than ever because it’s really about just the state of things and trying to find that peace with everything that’s going on. We found this sort of ethereal quality to this version that I’m really happy with on it. So there’s a lot of cool stuff in there. It’s very eclectic.”