Why Liking BTS Is a ‘Hobby’ for Some ARMYs, According to Jin

Kim Seokjin is the star of the live stream series “Eat Jin.” He’s also the oldest member of the K-pop group, BTS. During one interview, he even shared why it’s so important that he makes fans laugh. 

Here’s what we know about the artist behind songs like “Epiphany” and “Moon.” 

Jin of BTS attends a press conference for BTS's new digital single 'Butter', posing for the camera
Jin of BTS attends a press conference for BTS’s new digital single ‘Butter’ | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Jin is a singer and dancer in the K-pop group, BTS

There are seven members in BTS, but there’s only one “Worldwide Handsome Jin.” Jin is the oldest member of this boy band, acting as a singer, visual, dancer, and songwriter. He also appeared on chart-topping hits like “Permission to Dance,” “Boy With Luv,” and “Life Goes On.” 

Outside of this work with this K-pop group, Jin released the solo song, “Abyss,” and its corresponding video on YouTube. He also shared a message for the BTS ARMY, explaining why he goes out of his way to make fans laugh. 

Jin shared his love and well wishes for the BTS ARMY

This K-pop group is also known for their worldwide fan base, referred to as the BTS ARMY. During an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin shared one message he has for his fans and the reasoning behind some of his happiness.

“I hope our fans don’t lose their laughter,” Jin said. “I’m not really good at saying those kinds of cheesy things. It’s not in my personality. I feel embarrassed and cringey when I talk like that, and I can’t take myself seriously, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

“But fans watch us as a hobby, you know? Hobbies are all about enjoying yourself and being able to laugh, so I want to look happy for them, not exhausted,” he continued. “I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies on Weverse to make them happier. I just hope anyone who likes me is happy.”

The BTS ARMY is known for their love and support for BTS music videos and nonprofit endeavors

The BTS ARMY is known for their incredible support of this band and their endeavors, whether that’s at stadium concerts or from their own homes. There are worldwide birthday celebrations for these artists. 

Other fans support nonprofit organizations mentioned by the members, including the Love Myself UNICEF campaign. ARMYs are also the reason for BTS’ record-breaking music videos posted to YouTube, including “Dynamite” and “Butter.” 

In response to this support, the BTS members often share their love back on social media and with live streams. This K-pop group also released the song “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” in conjunction with Map of the Soul: 7. 

The “Permission to Dance” music video by BTS, featuring Jin, is now available for streaming on YouTube. Music by this boy band is available for streaming on music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. 

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