Lil Baby and His Ex-Girlfriend Ayesha Get Into It Over Claims About Son’s Tuition, Jayda Cheaves Jumps in

It looked like things were simmering down between the trio, but rapper Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves just got into a huge argument with the mother of Lil Baby’s oldest son, Ayesha. It played out across a lot of social media platforms and involved a lot of claims.

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves
Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Claims of Jayda Cheaves and Ayesha feuding were dismissed in June

Cheaves and Ayesha haven’t always had the best relationship with each other. In January, many assumed that they were subtweeting each other on Twitter when talking about staying in romantic relationships.

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In June on Instagram, Ayesha said that she was not feuding with Cheaves. She said, “Y’all creating fake pages to show me Jason walked in on Jayda’s live[?] I personally think it’s a beautiful sight, my son is in the presence of his dad’s girlfriend/stepmom.” She also asked fans to stop trying to instigate drama. “This is the way things should be, I can’t wait till you women find peace within yourselves so that you can stop trying to interrupt everyone else’s,” she wrote. “There is absolutely no drama between this family now go make peace with your own.

Ayesha sparks back-and-forth with Lil Baby over their son’s schooling

Though it seemed like the trio were doing fine with one another, Ayesha took to social media to air out concerns she had with Lil Baby. She posted on Instagram that their son could allegedly not attend school because his tuition was not paid.

“Jason’s school tuition had an outstanding balance before the virus even came about. I have every email,” she said. “Due to you never paying it, they took my baby off the portals so he won’t receive any virtual learning programs from this school because they basically kicked him out. … You get on the internet and tell a big a** lie, then show a Rolex watch you bought Jason, who can’t even tell time; but you ain’t keep up with his education. Stop hiding behind all this materialistic clout s**t and step the f**k up.” Ayesha then took aim at Cheaves, reposting a photo that she had posted on social media recently of a Birkin bag that Lil Baby bought her. She also posted the statement summary of the nearly $9,500 needed for tuition.

Lil Baby responded in a now-deleted post. He wrote in part, “Crazy the s**t people do for attention…. even crazier the s**t people post…. but I take great care of both my kids … p.s school don’t open to Aug 19 an I’m not sending my son to no d**n school…. I’ve actually paid for him in house tutors once they’ve figured dates according to COVID..” Still, the rapper did not address the money that Ayesha says is owed. The two continued to go back and forth in several posts on Instagram related to money.

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Cheaves jumps in the conversation

Then, Cheaves seemingly entered the conversation on Twitter when she tweeted “Boss Up. Point Blank,” seemingly directed at Ayesha. They then argued on multiple social media platforms, with Ayesha talking about Cheaves’ lawsuit against Walgreens.

As for the tuition claims made by Ayesha it looks like there isn’t a resolution on that yet. Though they claimed there was no feud, it looks like the trio has a lot of drama going on. Hopefully for the kids involved, it can be resolved and differences put aside.