Lil Baby Is Back Again with Another Message About Money

Another day, another new post on social media about rapper Lil Baby and his funds. This time, he’s seemingly rescinding a sentiment he had in a song released earlier this year about “200 a occasion.” It’s just the most recent statement that he has put on Twitter or another platform about pricing related to his work in music.

Lil Baby
Lil Baby | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Lil Baby has spoken a lot recently about his feature rate

The rapper is one of the biggest names in music and is arguably one of the most popular artists of any genre at the moment. His most recent album was released earlier this year and has been much-talked-about. He’s dominated the music scene in 2020 with hits like “Sum 2 Prove” and “The Bigger Picture.” He’s also been featured on hit songs like “For the Night” and “U Played.”

Over the past several months and weeks, Lil Baby has had a lot to say about rates for his work, especially features. He first said that he wasn’t doing any new features at all.

Lil Baby tweeted, “ain doing no more features unless it’s worth it, i got tooo many.” Still, many people thought this was a joke, given the fact that he told his label, Quality Control, if he didn’t get $5 million he would go back to “hustling.” This turned out to be a joke. He would go on to say, “At this point it’s safe to say I want 100k for a feature 😬.” 

More recently, he tweeted, “Ima feel offended if you want a verse from me but don’t got 100 …. ‘respect my hustle. An[d] 100k cheap by the way do you streaming research.”

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The rapper is thinking differently about his lyrics on

In a series on tweets, he referenced his lyrics on his song “Emotionally Scarred,” one of the songs from My Turn. The song’s lyrics include, “Jumpin’ up on stages, I get two hundred an occasion.” These lyrics reference him making 200,000 at a time. On Twitter, he tweeted about the lines, revealing that he thought that things had changed since he wrote his lines and also noting that the song was conceived a while ago. “And I don’t want 200 a occasion I made that song a min ago,” he tweeted.

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Several fans seemed to agree with him. “He knows his worth AS HE SHOULD,” said one person on Instagram. Someone else added, “That man has some heat period he deserves whatever he ask for.”

However, some other people hinted that perhaps fame was getting to the rapper’s head. “Ok baby…. humble yourself now,” commented someone. Another person cautioned his statements, saying, “He needs to humble himself we see where most rappers are twenty years from now and it ain’t 200 ‘a occasion.'”

Given what he’s been saying thus far, this is likely not the last statement we’ll here from Lil Baby in regards to situations with money.