Lil Baby’s Ex-Girlfriend Ayesha Says He’s Trying to ‘Destroy’ Her Name With ‘Potential Mates’ in Latest Social Media Spat

The trio of rapper Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves, and Ayesha have been in conflicts on social media for a good part of the last several months. Not too long ago, Ayesha continued to take aim at the father of her child and said that he is ruining “potential mates” for her.

Lil Baby
Lil Baby | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Lil Baby and Ayesha were arguing across multiple social media platforms recently

At one time it seemed like they had a good relationship, but earlier this month, Ayesha aired out concerns she had with Lil Baby. On Instagram, she claimed that their son could allegedly not attend school because his tuition was not paid.

She wrote in part, “Jason’s school tuition had an outstanding balance before the virus even came about. I have every email. Due to you never paying it, they took my baby off the portals so he won’t receive any virtual learning programs from this school because they basically kicked him out. … You get on the internet and tell a big a** lie, then show a Rolex watch you bought Jason, who can’t even tell time; but you ain’t keep up with his education.”

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The rapper hit back at these claims, posting a statement of his own. “Crazy the s**t people do for attention…. even crazier the s**t people post…. but I take great care of both my kids … p.s school don’t open to Aug 19 an I’m not sending my son to no d**n school…. I’ve actually paid for him in house tutors once they’ve figured dates according to COVID,” he said. The continued to go back and forth in several posts related to money and Lil Baby’s current girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, chimed in as well.

Ayesha claims Lil Baby is ruining ‘opportunities’ for her

In a message posted to her Instagram Stories, Ayesha continued to rail against Lil Baby, in which she defended recent comments against him and his parenting. She seemed to insinuate that Lil Baby continues to talk about their relationship in public a lot, that she should be able to let her point of view known without any issues.

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“And y’all say don’t respond but what if Everytime you turned around yo in love ex was talking down on you in songs, raps, freestyle interviews and doing everything in their power to try and diminish your value knowing a bunch of people are watching?” she said, as reported by The Blast.

Ayesha went as far as to make a public plea to a potential future partner to come rescue here.  “I truly feel he’s trying to destroy my name with lies to ruin potential mates or opportunities for me!! To my future husband if you reading this don’t listen to that cap s**t. Come get me!!!”

With these latest comments from Ayesha, Lil Baby did not clap back or respond to what she had to say.