Lil Baby’s Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves Responds to Recent Drama, Yaya Mayweather Weighs In

A lot of drama went down last week after rapper Lil Baby and the mother of one of his children, Ayesha, got into it over social media. They engaged in a back-and-forth once Ayesha claimed that their son was not in school because Lil Baby did not pay the tuition. Lil Baby had claims of his own, hitting back at what Ayesha said by stating that he already paid for in-house tutors for their son.

Monday, there was more drama as Ayesha alleged that Lil Baby was not being a good father in some new claims. Lil Baby’s current girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, also responded to the situation and sent out some subliminal tweets.

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Bab
Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Ayesha’s new claims

After making the allegations about their son’s schooling, Ayesha has now taken Lil Baby to task over some new claims. She said that she and their son have to use rideshare because Lil Baby didn’t give her money to fix her car. She claims that he said he would give her a new car for two years but it never happened. Now, she is upset because she said they are at a higher risk of getting coronavirus (COVID-19) because they are taking Ubers.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and me and Jason are taking these costly rides back and forth to get to the grocery store or to the city,” she said on Instagram. “We’re in and out of the car with complete strangers. Pretty much putting ourselves in a position to actually catch COVID-19, if one of our drivers possibly have it cuz they’ve been driving around all day.”

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Like her last claims, Lil Baby has denied these new ones as well. When a fan asked him about it on Twitter, he said, “I bought her a Range Rover but she ain’t get it because she’s irresponsible .. she get her prior[i]ties together the car is sittin in my garage waitin on her.”

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Cheaves also gives her input, as does Yaya Mayweather

In Ayesha’s videos, she also claimed that Cheaves got a weekly allowance from the rapper. This spurred Cheaves to issue a series of tweets that were seemingly directed at Ayesha.

“Idc how hard life get imma keep some money put up i never touch and keep my own place even if i don’t use that b***h. Cuz whatever a n***a got… AINT MINE,” she wrote. “I’m far from dumb. I won’t ever let nobody lil girl me. And that’s a general statement to the ppl commenting on why I have what I have. Like nooooo. I’m here with my man because I want to be not because I have to be. Sometimes you just love who you love. Nobody can change that. Now good day.”

Yaya Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter known for her troubled relationship with NBA Youngboy, co-signed Cheaves’ tweets in a post on her Instagram. She said, “Crazy thing is [the] same ones calling me & Jayda dumb is the same females that want to be with the n****s and the same dudes that want to be the n****s. So I really dgaf about nothing y’all talking about.”

Here’s hoping that Lil Baby, Cheaves and Ayesha can all work through their issues for the best of all the children involved.