Lil Kim Once Shared How Nicki Minaj Caused a Rift Between Her and Diddy

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim had a well-known feud that lasted for years. Their rivalry once eventually got in the middle of Kim’s relationship with Diddy.

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim took several shots at each other in the past

Lil' Kim posing at the MTV Video Music Awards.
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Lil Kim’s long-lasting rivalry with Nicki Minaj over the years has been well known. Kim has often even gone after her nemesis verbally on records such as “Black Friday,” which mocked the title Minaj’s on Pink Friday album. Both artists have had differing opinions on the source of the rivalry.

Kim shared the reason for her animosity towards the Young Money artist was due to the latter imitating her style. In an interview with The Breakfast Club (via Hafun Post), Kim revealed she also felt that Minaj was the first to attack her on songs.

Meanwhile, Minaj believed that Kim’s hostility came from the hip-hop artist becoming as successful as she was.

“This is somebody I looked at highly. We took a picture, everything was good. But you wanna know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition. When you become competition, then people start,” Minaj once told Hot 97 (via Entertainment Weekly) about Lil’ Kim. “So I felt like, ‘You’re gonna go down in history now as a sore loser as opposed to going down in history as the Queen. Because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Lil Kim once shared Nicki Minaj caused a rift between her and Diddy

Diddy and Lil’ Kim’s relationship goes all the way back to the 90s. Although Diddy didn’t sign Lil’ Kim to Bad Boy records, the two still became frequent collaborators. But Kim once asserted that their friendship took a turn for the worse due to certain choices Diddy made. For one, Kim felt it was a bit distasteful that Diddy collaborated with Minaj on a record. Especially when Kim believed Minaj was insulting her on their song.

“The only problem I had with Puffy is that you see this girl taking shots at me,” Kim once said to MTV News. “Even on your own record [Dirty Money’s ‘Hello Good Morning’] she took a shot at me … and you didn’t stop that?”

The platinum artist felt this was a far cry away from how Diddy would’ve handled the situation years ago.

“If this was me years ago, he would have been doing everything if it was somebody he was working with or had a relationship with and he got money with or whatever, he would be like, ‘That can’t go out,'” she said.

Lil’ Kim was also upset that Diddy didn’t visit her while she was in prison. She felt further slighted when learning Diddy gave that courtesy to Minaj’s mentor Lil’ Wayne while he was behind bars.

“Then, because of your little business situations over there with Cash Money and Rick Ross and all of them, you’re going to go see Wayne,” she reminded.”

How Diddy felt about Lil’ Kim’s rivalry with Nicki Minaj

The Bad Boy records CEO became aware of Lil’ Kim’s feelings towards the Queens rapper. Despite Kim’s anger at the situation at the time, Diddy had nothing but kind words to his friend. He believed that whatever issues they had was due to a simple misunderstanding.

“I want to say I love Lil’ Kim,” Diddy once said on TimWestwood TV. “I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would’ve thought that by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way. But if she’s taking it the wrong way, it ain’t meant like that.”

Diddy also believed that Minaj never really did or said anything to Kim to warrant Kim’s attitude.

“Nicki never did anything to her,” Diddy continued. “She ain’t trying to swagger jack or say nothing negative about her. And I just think that Kim needs to just understand that Nicki as a whole has always been respectful of her. And Nicki’s not trying to be her. So, we riding with Nicki and we still riding with Kim.”

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