Lil Wayne’s Unlikely Appreciation For Avril Lavigne

Rapper Lil Wayne has been in the music industry for over two decades. Throughout that time, he’s seen the rise of many other artists and shown love for some of their music. One artist he gave a special shoutout to was Canadian singer Avril Lavigne.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Lil Wayne loves Canadian artists like Drake and Justin Bieber

Lil Wayne’s love for Drake dates back over a decade. The Young Money Records executive recruited Drake and Nicki Minaj thanks to their undeniable rap talents at the turn of the last decade, and their bond remains strong today, as evidenced by Drake’s Young Money Reunion show in Toronto in August 2022 that brought the three of them back together on stage.

Wayne explained what he saw in Drake all those years ago in a 2022 appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast.

“That’s when I saw way more than just potential,” he said. “When Drake’s music was brought to me from the homie Jas, it was about rap. I was like, ‘This dude sound different.’ What I loved about him, he was sounding just as dope as we were. When I say we, I’m talking about the streets and what we came from.”

He went on to recount what he told the young actor-turned-rapper at the time. “I told him, ‘You could make working in the cubicle — you know how to make that the dopest thing in the world. Don’t stop.’ Then one day I heard, ‘[singing voice].’ Like, ‘What the f*ck was that?’ I remember asking Mack [Maine] who that is [singing] on the hook?” he remembered, reflecting on his shock that Drake could sing. “You gotta be the ultimate artist. My homie could do two nights when he hits your city.”

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Lil Wayne’s appreciation for Avril Lavigne

In a 2022 interview with Canadian outlet Much Music, Wayne was asked who he counts among his favorite Canadian artists besides Drake.

“Shout out Avril,” Wayne said. “I had to sing ‘Sk8r Boi’ on Masked Singer. Also, she sung my verse while she was on tour with MGK.”

Wayne’s love for Avril Lavigne is real: she showed up to the Young Money Reunion show in Toronto and paid a visit to the rappers backstage. Both she and Wayne posted Instagram photos of the two of them together.

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Kardinal Offishall thanked Lil Wayne for his support

As for his answer on who his favorite Canadian artist is, Wayne firmly gives his answer as rapper Kardinal Offishall.

For his part, Kardinal Offishall was honored to be mentioned. “Maximum respect to one of the greatest of all time,” he said. “I’m telling you I’m just grateful to keep receiving these flowers while I’m alive to smell them. All praises due. No pun intended.”

“No gimmicks or marketing or viral moments will ever get you the respect of the people,” he continued. “Earning the respect from the people you respect is the greatest gift.”

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