What Has Lindzi Cox Been Doing Since Ben Flajnik’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’?

The Bachelor first hit TV screens in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. Widely considered one of the most influential reality shows of all time, The Bachelor has launched many a personality to social media and pop culture prominence. A few of these personalities seem to relish being in the spotlight and continue to court brand deals and TV appearances, while others return to low-key lives after their stint in Bachelor Nation. Lindzi Cox is the latter, a former contestant who found both love and purpose in the years after her stint on The Bachelor.

When did Lindzi Cox appear on ‘The Bachelor’?

Lindzi Cox at the Sodo Comes Alive event at Aston Manor in Seattle, Washington
Lindzi Cox at the Sodo Comes Alive event | Suzi Pratt/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Viewers first met Lindzi Cox in early 2012, when Season 16 of The Bachelor debuted on TV. Cox was one of many contestants vying for the hand of Ben Flajnik. Throughout the season, Cox, who has a background in business development, became a fan favorite. Many viewers were cheering for Cox to find love, but in the end, Flajnik selected Courtney Robertson as the final bachelorette, proposing marriage to her in a stunning season finale. 

After getting sent home from The Bachelor, Cox decided to give reality TV another go, appearing on the third season of Bachelor Pad. She stuck it out on the spinoff show for some time, ultimately getting eliminated in the sixth episode. For Cox, reality television was a learning experience – and in the decade since her time with Bachelor Nation, she has talked openly about her takeaways from appearing on both shows.

What did Cox say about her time on ‘The Bachelor’?

In March 2012, after getting sent home from The Bachelor, Lindzi Cox opened up about her time on the series. Digital Spy reported that Cox wasn’t bitter about Flajnik selecting Robertson, noting, “I think that hindsight is a beautiful thing. I really am happy with how things ended for me. In the moment I felt that way about Ben, but he made his decision and I respect that.”

She also opened up about what she learned about herself, revealing, “I learned that men like naked girls and skinny dipping! No, I think the thing I learned the most about this is before, dating people, if things were going well I just left it at that and I wasn’t a good communicator.” Cox admitted that her communication skills improved thanks to The Bachelor, saying, “It made me realize that my previous relationships in my past hadn’t worked out because there is a lot of communication that goes into a healthy relationship so I think I learned how to let my guard down more and be more open with people that I’m dating.” The reality star also opened up to People Magazine, telling the publication, “I’m so glad I did this show. It was such an awesome experience.”

What is Lindzi Cox doing these days?

Post-Bachelor Nation, Lindzi Cox opted for a retreat to a simpler life. Although she still shares snapshots of her life and hobbies on her Instagram, Cox has taken a step back from the world of reality television. On social media, Cox shares lots of pictures of her horses and outdoor hobbies, as well as her boyfriend, Gary Williams Jr. While it seems as though Cox has no further ambitions to appear on television, her fans and followers still enjoy seeing how she’s managed to thrive after her time in the spotlight.

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