Lisa Marie Presley’s Favorite Area of Graceland Sits Just Outside the Jungle Room

Of all the unforgettable rooms in Elvis Presley‘s Graceland, Lisa Marie Presley’s childhood home, one spot is her favorite. It’s the same spot her great-grandmother Minnie Mae adored and is visible to fans as they tour the property. What is Lisa Marie’s favorite part of the beloved Memphis estate? The answer is surprising.

Lisa Marie Presley and a photo of Graceland mansion side by side.
Lisa Marie Presley and Graceland Mansion | Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images/Mick Hutson/Redferns

Elvis’ only daughter says Graceland is her home

Graceland is Lisa Marie’s home. “It’s my childhood home,” the only daughter of Elvis and the owner of Graceland and its contents said in an interview with USA Today.

“I was born in Memphis,” Lisa Marie continued of the place she lived with Elvis and her mother, Priscilla Presley.

“It’s got an extraordinary energy there when you go,” she says, and is “like a time capsule: nothing’s been changed or moved since 1977. It’s like a time warp, and the energy is still very much there. You can feel it,” Lisa Marie explains.

“It’s from the essence of that period. It’s an exceptional place, and it was incredible to grow up there. It was almost like a big playground for my father and everybody. It was my father’s sanctuary, and he made it into a special place. He made it into a home for a lot of people.”

Lisa Marie Presley has a favorite area in Graceland just outside the jungle room


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During a virtual tour of Graceland, the property’s Vice President of Archives, Angie Marchese, revealed one of Lisa Marie’s favorite spots per Express.

Marchese discussed how Elvis’ daughter likes to sit in the porch area just outside The Jungle Room. This area is where her great-grandmother Minnie Mae also liked to relax, as it has a view of the stables.

Elvis and his family owned several horses during their years at Graceland. Horses still live in the stables behind the mansion. When Elvis wasn’t working, he loved to spend time riding horses all over the Graceland grounds. The barn still features touches of Elvis: his handwriting is on the walls, where he labeled each horse’s equipment.

Lisa Marie Presley and her family enjoy all Graceland has to offer

Marchese also revealed that the clan enjoys other aspects of Graceland’s life. In the same video tour, she said, “They have listened to music in the house, but not in the jukebox on the record players.”

Surprisingly, she noted, “I have never seen any of the family play the pianos. But we keep them tuned and clean to preserve them as instruments if they want to.”

Lisa Marie, her children Riley Keough, Harper, and Finley Lockwood, and Priscilla reportedly do not swim in the pool and reported Express regarding Marchese’s comments.

However, they do have one favorite activity to do when they visit Graceland. Marchese revealed, “Their favorite thing to do is ride golf carts all over the property.”