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If you grew up in the ’90s, then you might be familiar with Sailor Moon, the Japanese anime series. She’s the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, and if you mess with her, she’ll smack you with the Power of the Moon. She is the perfect embodiment of magical girl power and could take down any villain while in heels. Yeah, she might be a crybaby, but still, Sailor Moon prevailed at the end of the day. 

Usagi Tsukino finds herself enamored with quite a few people throughout the series, which fits since she’s the protector of love. Usagi is immature and eccentric at times, but she has a lot of suitors come her way.

Usagi and Mamoru in 'Sailor Moon R The Movie.'
Usagi and Mamoru in ‘Sailor Moon R The Movie’ | Viz Media/YouTube

There are quite a few people Usagi mentions as cute or fantasizes about, so we’ll keep it to the main ones who appear in multiple episodes; here a rundown.


From the get-go, Usagi is all googly-eyes over Motoki. He’s the kind and gentle arcade center employee who Usagi sees a lot. Motoki goes to the same college as Mamoru, and urges him to be kinder to Usagi because she means well and is a pretty good person. Nothing happens between Usagi and Motoki, but he’s her first significant crush on the show. 

Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh

When Usagi and Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) first meet Haruka, they think she’s a cool guy, with a bit of swagger and a cute girlfriend (Michiru/Sailor Neptune) to boot. When Usagi finds out that she’s an androgynous lesbian, Usagi is a tad shocked, but that doesn’t change the fact that they get closer in both the original anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, which aired from 2014 – 2016. 

There’s a lot of censorship that went into bringing Sailor Moon to America; that’s infamous. And the main reason for such editing was due to a lot of the queer aspects of the show, Haruka and Michiru’s relationship being one of them. Remember when they made them cousins?

With that being said, Usagi’s attraction to Haruka is just one of the many ways that Usagi is a bisexual icon in anime and pop culture. 

Seiya Kou

Part of that censorship included withholding an entire season of Sailor Moon from American audiences. So if you grew up in the States with Usagi, then you probably never met Seiya Kou. Seiya is part of three new Sailor Starlights and goes by Sailor Star Fighter when transformed. When she’s a civilian, she goes undercover as Seiya, one-third of the boy band Three Lights. 

This season starts off with Mamoru leaving to study abroad a few episodes in and the Sailor Starlights making their appearance that same episode. Everyone is obsessed with Seiya, who now goes to the same high school as Usagi and friends.

Seiya quickly falls for Usagi. She does develop feelings for Seiya, and though they’re never an item, their interactions are so romantic it’s heartwrenching at times. Seiya treats Usagi with such reverence and love; he’s the perfect S.O. 

If you couldn’t tell, the main reason this season was “canceled” in the States was due to the gender fluidity of these new Sailor Starlights. When in human form, Seiya is a man, and when in Sailor Starlight form, she’s a woman; the transformation scenes show their bodies change. Of course, this doesn’t dampen Usagi’s affection for Seiya at all.

Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru

Tuxedo Mask is the most famous of Usagi’s love interests, and that’s because they’re destined to be together. Their story starts way before the anime even begins, in their past lives as Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity. They have to find their way back to each other in the present day, starting in the first season. Before Mamoru knows who Usagi is, he is a Grade-A jerk and makes fun of her in a straight-up mean way.

Once they realize who they are to each other, it’s smooth-sailing… sort of. They have a long history and are meant to be King and Queen one day, and even have a daughter, Chibiusa. There are many debates on whether Mamoru is actually a good person/boyfriend or not, but when they’re cute together, they are adorable

Sailor Moon is timeless, and so is love, so it’s no wonder the two go together like sweets and napping.