‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert and Brooke Shields Talked Sex and Warren Beatty

Melissa Gilbert of Little House of the Prairie fame and Brooke Shields became celebrities around the same time. In addition, they knew each other, and Gilbert gave Shields some insight into her sex life. They also shared a risque experience when one of the biggest Hollywood stars of their era stared at Gilbert’s butt.

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Melissa Gilbert talks about her relationship with Brooke Shields and about being a child actor

In Gilbert’s book Prairie Tale, she says she and Brooke “weren’t exactly close friends, but our paths did cross pretty regularly. (There’s an unspoken bond among former child actors. Even if the experience of being a working kid wasn’t hellacious, there’s still a sense of having been in the trenches together.)” Gilbert goes on in her book to describe her conversation with Shields about her very first sexual experience which was with co-star, Cyril O’Reilly, of the TV film Splendor in the Grass. It occurred in 1981.

Melissa Gilbert tells Brooke Shields about her and Cyril O’Reilly

Gilbert tells Shields about her first sexual encounter while they attend an event in Sun Valley. Gilbert says to Shields, “I’ve done it.” Gilbert writes, “Brooke put the brakes on whatever she had been about to say and her whole face seemed to shape itself into a big, shocked oval. She pulled me closer to find out what I knew that she didn’t.” 

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Brooke then asked Gilbert “What was it like?” Gilbert tells Shields, “Not a big deal.” Then Gilbert retracts and says “To tell you the truth, It was very romantic.” Shields inquires where Gilbert was when it happened. Gilbert replies “In my motel room. In Forsyth, Georgia.” Gilbert then tells Shields that she and O’Reilly are no longer together – “It was doomed from the start. But it was so good for me.”

Brooke Shields talks Warren Beatty to Melissa Gilbert

Gilbert and Shields continued to share intimate revelations. At the Night of 100 Stars, a fundraiser held in Washington D.C., Shields tells then seventeen-year-old Gilbert what she noticed as she goes about collecting autographs from the many celebrities in attendance. Gilbert had been by Shields side while she asked for signatures. At one stop, Shields asked Warren Beatty for his signature and continues on — Gilbert remained with Beatty talking.

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Finally, the two women caught up with each other again. At that point, Shields says to Gilbert, “Oh my God! You aren’t going to believe it.” She goes on to say, “Can’t tell you here.” Gilbert inquires what it is that Shields is holding back. 

Shields then tells Gilbert “Warren Beatty was looking at your butt.”  Further, she says, “Yes, I swear… I saw him.” Gilbert recollects that Beatty had asked how old she was during her conversation with him. Gilbert responded that she was just seventeen. Although both Hollywood stars weren’t exactly best friends, the two clearly shared some very interesting moments with one another.