‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Doesn’t Necessarily Agree With How the Show Edited Her

It’s hard to believe another season of Little People, Big World recently ended — and massive changes are underway yet again for the Roloff family. While the fate of Roloff Farms was the main discussion this season, we’re happy Amy finally made the best decision for her and is planning on selling her slice of the property. And we’re hopeful that the show will resume with yet another season so we can find out what she, Matt, and Zach are all going to be up to next.

Amy’s had plenty of time to reflect on how the show’s portrayed her over the years. And it seems she doesn’t always agree with the way she’s edited. Here’s what she said.

Fans have slammed Amy Roloff for coming off negatively on the show

When LPBW first started, Matt and Amy were totally united in their marriage and their business, but the years took a toll on their relationship. After their divorce, they remained civil with each other, as they still lived on the Roloff Farms property together (in two different houses, of course). But as Matt and Amy discussed the future of the farm, it became clear that they were no longer as nice and easygoing with each other as they were previously portrayed on the show — and this left fans divided on what they thought of Amy Roloff.

While Amy has many fans in her corner, others thought the show was portraying her in a negative light, leaving many to jump to Matt’s side. As one fan mentioned on her Instagram, “I just see you as jealous of Matt and want whatever he has.” And others seemed to think Amy was unfair to Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn. Amy’s made it known that having Caryn around for family events makes her uncomfortable, and she’s even called being around Caryn “unhealthy” for her. In Touch Weekly notes one fan took to Twitter and wrote, “Amy needs to get over it, she has her boyfriend now.”

She said the editing may have made her come across as ‘angry’

Reality TV requires drama to keep viewers watching, so we’re sure the producers made some edits to this season of LPBW to give viewers something to talk about. There’s no doubt Amy had real feelings about Matt, Caryn, and the farm, but it seems she may not have necessarily agreed with the way she was portrayed on the show, either. Pop Culture notes Amy has spoken out about the way the edits made her look in the past. “I think that’s what hurt and unfortunately may have — through an edited show — caused me to be a little bitter, may have come across as me being a little more angry. I’ll be honest. I’ll be frank, it was tough,” she said.

This isn’t the first time a Roloff family member has spoken out about the editing, either. We remember when Jacob Roloff, the youngest member of the family who’s no longer on the show, wrote on Instagram about his experience being on reality TV. As he wrote back in 2016 about his family, “They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself. As soon as the cameras drop however, it’s almost like they never played the part.”

Amy still thinks LPBW portrays her family authentically, however

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

She may not always agree with how she’s portrayed, but overall, Amy still thinks the show does her and her family justice. As she told Us Weekly, “For the most part, we keep it real. My kids are real. They’re grounded. I don’t think, for the most part, we haven’t got our heads into a different space just because we have the opportunity to share a story.” She also added that she likes to think she’s “pretty honest, we’re pretty real – at least I am – sometimes to a fault.”

We can’t wait to see what the Roloffs will be up to in the future. And since Amy made her big decision regarding Roloff Farms, fans are hoping for at least one more season of the show to see the aftermath.

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