‘Little People, Big World’: Are Amy Roloff’s Parents Also Little People?

There are plenty of engaging reality TV families out there, but few have captured our hearts like the Roloffs. We’ve been keeping up with Matt and Amy Roloff since they first got their start on Little People, Big World in 2006, and fans loved watching them raise their four kids and work together on Roloff Farms through the years. Family dynamics have certainly changed over the years, as the kids are all grown up and Matt and Amy have since divorced. But we’re still enjoying keeping up with all of the Roloffs on social media and on the TLC series.

For those new to Little People, Big World, it seems there may be some lingering questions, too. Are Amy Roloff’s parents little people as well, and what about Matt’s? Here’s what we know.

Amy Roloff’s parents seem to be of average height

Little People, Big World has always been all about how Matt and Amy both lead totally normal lives with forms of dwarfism. TLC notes Amy has achondroplasia, and while this leaves her at around 4 feet tall, she has suffered from very few complications over the years. As for her parents, we don’t see them often on TV, as Radar Online notes her mother recently turned 86 and her father is 90, but it seems they’re of average height.

While Amy’s mom and dad may not be featured on the show very often, she still does her best to let her fans know when she’s visiting them at their Michigan home. Back in the summer of 2018, she seemed absolutely thrilled to go visit her home state (Amy and Matt are located in Oregon), Radar Online reported. She makes the trek not only to visit her aging parents, but also to see old friends she still keeps up with regularly over the years.

Matt Roloff’s parents also do not have any form of dwarfism

As for Matt Roloff’s parents, it appears they’re also of average height. TLC notes Matt’s type of dwarfism is known as diastrophic dysplasia which is degenerative and has resulted in him needing many operations as a child. From what we’ve gathered from his parents, they do not have any form of the condition.

Like Amy’s parents, we rarely see Matt’s parents on television and mainly remember them from the first season of the show, but we do get glimpses of them on social media. As for why they keep a low profile, Good Housekeeping notes physical distance is a major factor. Matt’s still in Oregon with girlfriend Caryn Chandler while his parents are in California, but it seems Matt did connect with his folks on camera so they could finally meet their great-grandson, Jackson. As his dad, Ron, said, “Six hundred miles is a short trip to make to see a great-grandson,” and Matt’s mom, Peggy, agreed.

Only one of Matt and Amy’s kids has a form of dwarfism, too

Since Matt and Amy both have forms of dwarfism, their kids had higher-than-average odds of developing the condition as well. Out of all four of their children, only Zach was born with achondroplasia, and his twin, Jeremy, is of average height, Heavy reports.

Zach has never let his dwarfism stop him from accomplishing his dreams, and he quickly became a fan favorite on the show, too. He and his wife, Tori, have an adorable son, Jackson, as well — and their son also has achondroplasia. Zach and Tori aren’t worried about their child being different, however. As Zach told TLC, “We’re super excited for it. We’ll hope to just give him a healthy, happy life and support him in every way. Hopefully he can experience as much of the world as Tori and me have been able to and hopefully much more.”

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