‘Little People, Big World’: Caryn Chandler Wants Matt Roloff to ‘Hand’ Roloff Farms to the Kids, Insider Says

TLC fans who watched the Little People, Big World Season 24 premiere know Roloff Farms is still a major topic of conversation. Matt Roloff chose to put 16 acres of the farm on the market instead of selling it to his kids. Now, an insider says Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, wants him to give his kids the farm and be finished with the process.

‘Little People, Big World’ Season 24 shows Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff discussing Roloff Farms

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in 'Little People Big World'
Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in ‘Little People Big World’ | TLC via YouTube

Roloff Farms has been the major topic of discussion between Matt and Amy Roloff for years. And the conversation continues in Little People, Big World Season 24. When Matt and Amy divorced, Amy sold Matt her half of the property. Matt currently owns all of Roloff Farms, and his sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, aspired to own part of Amy’s portion. Unfortunately, Matt couldn’t create a sale agreement with either of the twins. This left Matt and Zach estranged.

During the new season’s premiere, Matt talks to Caryn about the future of Roloff Farms. “For some reason, I’m not feeling real emotional about this,” Matt said of selling the property. “Sadness might come when I sell it. It may happen; it may hit me. But right now, I’m feeling sort of more of a sense of relief.”

Caryn also talked about the remaining acreage. “Well, the 93 acres will eventually go either to your kids or your grandkids,” she told Matt.

She allegedly wants Matt Roloff to give up Roloff Farms so they can move to Arizona

The drama surrounding Roloff Farms has caused a lot of issues for the Roloff family. Fans have watched it all play out on Little People, Big World. Now, it seems more is going on behind the scenes. A source told The Sun that Caryn Chandler wants Matt to hand Roloff Farms to his kids and be completely done with it.

“Caryn is ready to just have Matt hand the farm over and they can go to Arizona and retire,” the source noted. “That would be her dream scenario, but whether Matt agrees is yet to be decided.”

The source also discussed Caryn’s strained relationship with Tori Roloff. Tori and Caryn once had a close relationship, and Caryn also enjoyed seeing Tori and Zach’s young children. But since the feud over the farm, the families rarely see each other.

“Caryn and Tori are definitely not as close as they used to be,” the source said. “And the feud between the sons has been a lot.”

Where does Caryn Chandler live? She didn’t want to live in Amy Roloff’s old home on Roloff Farms


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Caryn Chandler always said she never wanted to live in Amy Roloff’s old house on Roloff Farms. So, where does she live now?

According to The Sun, Caryn bought a home in Oregon for $405,000 in November 2020. The 1,500-square-foot house has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms and is just a 10-minute drive from Roloff Farms. It seems Caryn bought this home without Matt. Matt lives on Roloff Farms.

Additionally, Caryn and Matt spend a lot of time in their Arizona home. When Matt ultimately sells all of Roloff Farms, the couple will likely head there to live out the rest of their days.

Little People, Big World Season 24 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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