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We’ve been watching the Roloff family for years, as they’re the stars of TLC’s hit series, Little People, Big World. We remember when Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple with dwarfism, shared their family dynamics on the show — but a ton has changed over the years. Not only are Matt and Amy now divorced, but the kids are all grown up and moved out of the family home. And many of their children — like Jeremy Roloff, for example — have maintained quite a following even after they announced they’d no longer be associated with the show.

Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, have plenty of fans, but it seems not everyone’s happy with what Audrey’s said about parenting their young daughter, Ember. Here’s why fans are upset.

Audrey Roloff was first slammed when she called baby formula a ‘sin’

It’s hard to believe Ember Roloff, Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter, is over a year old now, as we remember back when Audrey was pregnant. The ultra-religious couple have always been candid with their followers about their marriage and parenting advice, but Audrey seemed to take a serious misstep when discussing baby formula.

Parents notes in an episode of LPBW, Audrey noted she was having some difficulties with feeding Ember due to developing mastitis. As she said in the episode, “At our 1-week doctor’s appointment I was like, ‘I’m nursing every hour all night,’ and he was like, ‘That’s not right.’ At that point, they were like, ‘You need to supplement, ’cause you’re not giving her enough.’” This was bad news for Audrey, however, as she added that she was “adamant about breastfeeding exclusively” and thought of formula as “a sin.” Fans fired back once they heard her say this, too. “Oh Audrey, formula is not a sin. Fed baby is all that matters,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “I officially cannot stand Audrey!! … Get over yourself!”

She then complained that certain difficulties were ‘robbing’ her of time with her daughter

As if the formula comment was inflammatory enough, fans were also unimpressed when Audrey mentioned that her difficulties feeding Ember were taking time away from the most precious moments of her baby’s life. PopCulture notes during an episode of LPBW, Audrey said she felt “robbed” and exhausted from motherhood — and fans weren’t having it.

Fans again started tweeting out against Audrey. As one noted, “Audrey has an idealized view of motherhood and anything that deviates from that is unique to her and is ‘robbing’ her. No. This IS motherhood.” Another added, “Audrey you weren’t ‘robbed’ of anything. … I hope you are learning and growing from this. You are not a victim, you are simply a mother.” Even Matt Roloff didn’t have too much sympathy for the new parents, as he mentioned watching Jeremy and Audrey struggle means they now “understand the heartache your mother and I went through when you were coming through the rags.”

Others think Audrey had too much pride about choosing a natural birth

Not only has Audrey complained about various difficult aspects of motherhood, but fans are also unimpressed by her choice of having a natural birth. Parents notes Audrey prioritized having a natural childbirth, and the star has also discussed her decision extensively on her blog, Auj Poj. “But one of the main reasons I wanted to have an unmedicated/low-intervention birth was because I wanted to labor together with Jeremy,” she wrote on her blog. “Laboring with Jeremy was was the most intimate, unifying, God-empowering, thing we have ever done together.”

Unfortunately, fans were unimpressed yet again by Audrey’s pride. Parents notes one Twitter user wrote, “News flash, Auj. Getting an epidural during childbirth doesn’t make you weak. Having a C-section doesn’t make you weak either.” And another even mentioned Audrey’s sister-in-law, Tori Roloff, who fans have always loved. “I hope that Tori didn’t feel badly about her need for a c-section while being bombarded by Audrey’s natural childbirth chatter,” another tweeted.

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