‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff’s Farm Is Worth a Lot Less Than Roloff Farms

TLC viewers continue to watch the Roloff Farms drama unfold on Little People, Big World. Last season, Amy Roloff moved off of the farm property after her divorce from Matt Roloff. This season, there’s major tension between Matt and his kids, as Jeremy and Zach Roloff hoped to buy part of the property but ultimately did not. Now, Jeremy reportedly has his own farm — and it’s worth less than Roloff Farms.

Who now owns Roloff Farms? Jeremy Roloff was offered the property, but he declined

Jeremy Roloff from 'Little People, Big World'
Jeremy Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

While Matt and Amy Roloff worked together to own and build Roloff Farms for decades, Matt Roloff is now the sole owner of the farm property. When Amy decided to move off of the farm, she sold Matt her half for over $600,000. While Matt continues to take care of the property, he’s mentioned many times he’s open to his kids making a purchase and taking over as he inches closer to retirement.

Both Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff took an interest in potentially owning Amy’s half of Roloff Farms. Unfortunately, Matt made it known he couldn’t come to an agreement with either of his kids. This added a visible layer of tension between him and Zach on Little People, Big World.

Now, Matt’s selling 16 acres of Roloff Farms land. The property realtor, Juli Martin, told Forbes that offers were made to the Roloff kids. “The property was offered to the kids many times before it went to market,” Martin explained. “We worked with one of Matt’s kids for about a week to try to keep the sale of the property inside the family before moving forward with putting the house on the market. It just didn’t come together on the choice of said child, who went in another direction.”

Jeremy Roloff’s farm isn’t worth as much as Roloff Farms

Zach Roloff explained on Little People, Big World, that he and his wife, Tori Roloff, moved to Washington after the Roloff Farms sale fell through. Jeremy Roloff no longer stars in the show. But he and wife Audrey Roloff made big moves of their own, as they bought their own farm.

According to The Sun, Audrey and Jeremy purchased their Oregon farm for $1.5 million. The property comes with four acres of land, and the farmhouse has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Additionally, the couple has a workshop and a garage.

Jeremy and Audrey’s new farm certainly wasn’t cheap — but it’s not worth as much as Roloff Farms. In 2019, the farmhouse was assessed at $1,604,630. Now, Trulia notes it’s gone up dramatically. Trulia now lists the five-bedroom, six-bathroom farmhouse for $4 million.

How much is ‘Little People, Big World’ star Matt Roloff selling his farm for?

Matt announced he plans to sell 16 acres of Roloff Farms, and the discussion recently opened up on Little People, Big World. His asking price for 16 acres is $4 million — and that’s not even half of Roloff Farms property altogether.

“The BAD news, as you can imagine, is how difficult it was for me to put even 16 of the 108 acres of Roloff farm up for sale,” Matt wrote about the farm on Instagram on May 15, 2022. “My ultimate hope was that the entire Roloff Farms property would stay in our family for generations to come. Keeping that dream alive at this point in time was just not meant to be. Unfortunately, Roloff Farm farm cannot be legally divided into multiple parcels.”

Roloff Farms has been up on the market since May 2022, and it appears no one has purchased the land as of July 2022.

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