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TLC fans keep up with Matt Roloff selling Roloff Farms, as depicted on Little People, Big World. Matt continues to post updates for fans regarding how the farm sale is going — and recently, he and Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek, joined forces on Instagram to share even more updates. Here’s what Matt and Chris said.

‘Little People, Big World’ star Matt Roloff chose to put several acres of Roloff Farms up for sale

'Little People, Big World' stars Matt and Amy Roloff smiling against a black background
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

Little People, Big World fans didn’t expect Matt Roloff to sell part of Roloff Farms. After he and Amy Roloff divorced, Matt bought Amy’s portion of Roloff Farms. Then, Zach and Jeremy Roloff expressed interest in potentially owning some of Amy’s old property, and it seemed like Zach was definitely going to make the sale. Unfortunately, Zach and Matt couldn’t come to an agreement. Now, several acres of the property are up for sale, and Zach doesn’t approve.

With that said, the realtor selling the property made it clear that the Roloff kids were offered to buy a portion of the land. “The property was offered to the kids many times before it went to market,” realtor Juli Martin with boutique agency LUXE told Forbes. “We worked with one of Matt’s kids for about a week to try to keep the sale of the property inside the family before moving forward with putting the house on the market. It just didn’t come together on the choice of said child, who went in another direction.”

Has Roloff Farms sold yet? Matt Roloff and Chris Marek gave an update

Matt Roloff put acres of Roloff Farms up for sale in May 2022. As of September 2022, the property still hasn’t sold. Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek, and Matt took to Instagram to talk about it. The video posted to social media shows Chris alongside Matt in his cart while they’re overseeing the current Roloff Farms operations.

“Chris, did we sell the big house side of the farm?” Matt asked Chris after receiving the question from a fan.

“No,” Chris responded

“Aw, you’re giving away all of my secrets!” Matt laughed. “No, I want everybody to know. We listened to everybody. We acquiesced.”

So, does this mean Matt is taking several acres of Roloff Farms off the market? It’s unclear what he plans to do with the property he currently has up for sale. But we wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses not to sell the acreage after all.

Some fans on Reddit have a theory about Matt putting the land up for sale, too. “It’s because TLC put him up to putting the farm on the market to hype up an otherwise insanely boring season,” a fan posted. “It got everyone interested in the premiere and we’re still talking about it today. Matt priced the farm so high that it would never sell because he didn’t want it to sell.”

Fans are happy that Chris Marek spends time with Amy Roloff’s ex-husband


‘Little People, Big World’: Zach and Tori Roloff Say They Don’t Want Roloff Farms in Old Clip

Little People, Big World fans on Instagram are excited to see Chris Marek and Matt Roloff spending ample time together on Roloff Farms. Amy and Matt had an ultra-difficult divorce, and Amy made it known that she doesn’t approve of Matt selling any part of Roloff Farms, as she wanted to keep it in the family. With that said, it seems Chris and Matt still have a fantastic relationship.

“Bromance still strong,” a fan commented on Instagram. “Great to see these two get along so well.”

“I love how you and Chris get along. Pretty exciting video!” another fan wrote.

“This is awesome! I love Chris so much,” another fan commented. “What a great guy! Amy is a lucky woman.”

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