‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Says His Kids Had ‘Very Fair Chances’ to Buy Roloff Farms

TLC’s Little People, Big World returns with a new season soon. In the meantime, there’s major news surrounding Roloff Farms. Matt Roloff is selling multiple acres of the farm, shocking long-time fans, as many show viewers expected one of his children to take over. So, why aren’t any of the Roloff kids buying the farm property? Here’s what Matt told a fan on social media.

How much is Roloff Farms selling for? ‘Little People, Big World’ star Matt Roloff is selling multiple acres

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff from 'Little People, Big World' smiling
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

According to The Wall Street Journal, Matt Roloff is selling a 16-acre parcel of Roloff Farms for $4 million. He currently owns 109 acres of farmland.

“It’s too much now that I’m 60,” Matt explained. “I want to start to scale back a little bit.” 

Matt selling the property comes years after he bought Amy Roloff’s half of the farm. After their divorce in 2016, which Little People, Big World, went into in-depth, Matt decided to purchase Amy’s portion of the property, which included the large farmhouse they raised their kids in.

As for what Matt plans to do with the rest of his farm property, he says he wants to continue growing pumpkins for the beloved pumpkin season. He also plans on building another house on the land he’s not selling.

Matt Roloff told a fan that his kids had ‘fair chances’ to buy Roloff Farms

Matt Roloff selling Roloff Farms isn’t too surprising to fans who’ve watched Little People, Big World through the years. Matt’s mentioned before that loves spending time in Surprise, Arizona, with Caryn Chandler, and he’s been open to the idea of selling parts of the farm. In a previous season of the show, Zach Roloff took an active interest in buying part of Amy Roloff’s portion of the property, but that deal fell through. Matt told a fan on social media that his kids had their chances, but they didn’t take them.

“They all had more than enough … and very fair chances,” Matt told a fan on Instagram in regards to his kids and buying the farm, according to Reddit.

“It seems like the kids expected to just be gifted the farm,” a fan on Reddit noted. “They aren’t entitled to it. It’s their parents’ nest egg. It’s hard work to run.”

“I’m sure Matt wanted to sell it at market value and the kids couldn’t afford it,” another user wrote. “I don’t think there’s any big drama, he just wants the most money out of it, and Jeremy even said they couldn’t afford it.”

An insider alleged Matt Roloff wanted to sell the property to Jacob Roloff

While Zach Roloff expressed interest in purchasing Roloff Farms on Little People, Big World, and Jeremy Roloff was also interested, an insider alleges that Matt Roloff wanted to sell the property to Jacob Roloff.

“Matt would prefer Jacob and wife, Isabel, to take over the farm, but he’s not sure they are on board at the moment,” the insider told The Sun. “He is the youngest son but Matt knows Jacob has potential, they are on the farm a lot, and Matt thinks this is a good way to teach him a lot of things he needs to learn.”

Jacob didn’t buy the farm, though, which now leaves multiple acres of the property on the market.

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