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TLC’s Little People, Big World returns soon with a new season, and fans want to know the latest on Roloff Farms. Amy Roloff sold her half of the farm back to Matt Roloff after their divorce. And recent rumors suggested Jacob Roloff might take over the property. Recently, Jacob tweeted that the farm was for sale, but he deleted the tweet. Here’s what he stated.

Who currently lives on Roloff Farms?

Matt and Amy Roloff from 'Little People, Big World' sitting together against a dark background and smiling
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

Little People, Big World viewers remember when Matt and Amy Roloff lived and worked on Roloff Farms together. But after their divorce, Amy moved off of the farm property completely. Matt took full ownership of the property after buying Amy’s portion, which included the huge farmhouse fans of the show remember well.

So, who currently lives on Roloff Farms? According to The Sun, Matt still lives in the smaller home on the property. A source told the publication that Matt was renting out the main home to a longtime female employee. As for Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, she noted she never wanted to live on the property full-time. And she certainly didn’t want to live in Amy’s old home.

“Amy’s old big farmhouse is currently being rented by a woman who has worked for Matt for a long time, it’s the perfect arrangement for now as Caryn refuses to live there,” the insider said.

Jacob Roloff deleted a tweet stating Roloff Farms was for sale

The Sun reports Jacob Roloff tweeted about Roloff Farms. The former Little People, Big World star tweeted on May 4, 2022, that he was “preparing the farm for sale,” but feeling upset by the prospect of losing the property.

“Me preparing the farm for sale: Yes … haha hell yeah! Me realizing the farm is for sale … Well, this sucks. What the f***,” his tweet reads. The tweet has now reportedly been deleted.

Prior to this tweet, sources told The Sun that Matt Roloff hoped Jacob would take over the farm. Matt never confirmed these rumors, though, so it’s unclear exactly what’s happening with the property now.

“Matt would prefer Jacob and wife Isabel [Rock] to take over the farm but he’s not sure they are on board at the moment,” the insider alleged. ” … He is the youngest son, but Matt knows Jacob has potential, they are on the farm a lot, and Matt thinks this is a good way to teach him a lot of things he needs to learn.”

The new season of ‘Little People, Big World’ will cover why Zach Roloff didn’t purchase the property


‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Calls Jacob Roloff’s Political Differences ‘Weird’ in New Post

Last season on Little People, Big World, Zach Roloff seemed eager to potentially take over Amy Roloff’s half of Roloff Farms. But plans changed. Zach and wife Tori Roloff moved, and the trailer for the new season shows “tension” between Zach, Matt Roloff, and Caryn Chandler.

“The temperature is still pretty high between my dad and me and Caryn,” Zach says in the trailer.

“After the farm deal fell apart, there has been some tension between us,” Matt adds.

Given this context, it seems fans will get to hear more about what happened between Zach, Matt, and the Roloff Farms deal that fell through. This will likely give more context to Jacob potentially taking over the property — or, now, prepping to sell it.

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