‘Little People, Big World’ Star Amy Roloff’s Daughter Molly Roloff Makes Rare Appearance on Her Mom’s Instagram

For more than a decades, TLC viewers have been tuning in to follow the adventures of the Roloff family on Little People, Big World. The family — which includes parents Matt and Amy Roloff and their four kids —  has gone through some big changes over the years, from the birth of several grandkids to Matt and Amy’s divorce in 2016. The show has changed as well, with some once-familiar faces disappearing. Several of the Roloff kids no longer appear on LPBW, including Matt and Amy’s only daughter Molly

Molly Roloff is no longer on ‘Little People, Big World’ 

Amy Roloff with her daughter Molly and son-in-law Joel
Amy Roloff with her daughter Molly and son-in-law Joel | amyjroloff via Instagram

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When Little People, Big World began in 2006, Molly was a young teen. The show chronicled some of her experiences growing up, including her 8th-grade graduation, getting her driving permit, and her first high school formal. But as Molly got older, she appeared on her family’s reality series less and less frequently. Eventually, she graduated from high school, went away to college at Whitworth University, and got married. Now 26, she currently lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband Joel. 

She’s still close to her family 

Molly has opted to distance herself from Little People, Big World, but that doesn’t mean she’s broken ties with her family. When she got married in 2017, she had her wedding at Roloff Farms. Her sisters-in-law Tori and Audrey Roloff were part of her bridal party and photos shared on social media of the event show the whole family celebrating together.  

While Molly doesn’t have a public social media presence, she does pop up occasionally in her family’s posts. When her younger brother Jacob got married in 2019, Molly was one of his witnesses. And she seems close with her sister-in-law and Jacob’s wife Isabel. But because she lives several hours away from her family, she isn’t always able to attend family events, her mom explained last year.  

Molly recently made an appearance on her mom’s Instagram 

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LPBW fans eager to know what Molly is up to got an update recently from her mom Amy. The 55-year-old traveled to Spokane from Oregon to spend a weekend with her daughter and son-in-law, and she shared some photos from her visit. 

“Love my family,” Amy wrote. “I’m so glad I took a road trip to Spokane last weekend to hang out with my daughter Molly and SIL Joel. The best time. I had a blast- went on walks, played games, ate, made bread with Molly and just hang out with them.” 

Amy added that she misses both Molly and Joel “so much” but that “they are happy and doing great.” 

Fans are glad to see Molly is doing well  

Many fans who commented on Amy’s post were happy to see that she was doing well. 

“Nice to see Molly!” one wrote. 

“So happy to see Molly happy! You look great Amy!” another added. 

A few added that they miss seeing Molly on the show. But from the looks of things, Molly is happy with her life away from the cameras, so it seems unlikely we’ll see her on TV again anytime soon. 

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