Lizzo Can’t Make the Viral Dalgona Coffee, But ‘A’ for Effort

Quarantine has made it difficult to indulge in iced coffee from our favorite cafe, so the internet came up with a solution – Dalgona coffee. The super simple recipe and photogenic presentation have taken over social media. Even celebrities are getting on board with the trend. But when Lizzo decided to give Dalgona coffee a try, the results were less than spectacular. 

Lizzo smiling, turned to the side
Lizzo | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Lizzo is a talented woman

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With three Grammys under her belt, Lizzo is one of the decade’s best musical artists. Her multiple hit songs, including Juicy, Truth Hurts, and Good As Hell, plus her self-loving attitude, have made Lizzo a role model for women and young girls all over the world. According to the artist herself, it’s always been Lizzo’s plan to support her fans with loving themselves. 

“That was the goal – to help bring some type of positive change and positive influence to the world and the way we feel about ourselves and this is really starting to happen now,” Lizzo said during an interview reported on by the Daily Mail. She recognizes the impact that her music is having and that it’s really something to be proud of.

“Now, there’s a whole new generation of kids listening to music,” she said, “that encourages them to love themselves and accept their bodies.”

What is Dalgona coffee?

Photographs of Dalgona coffee are all over Instagram. The drink is incredibly photogenic because of it’s layered, and fluffy soft appearance. Created by food bloggers in South Korea, Dalgona coffee got its name from a Korean toffee candy with a similar color and texture. 

Another reason Dalgona coffee took off so quickly is that it’s incredibly easy to make. Only four ingredients are needed – instant coffee, sugar, hot water, and milk.

Start by pouring a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, sugar, and water. About two tablespoons of each are recommended to start. Using an electric hand mixer, blend the ingredients until it’s a fluffy caramel-colored mixture and stiff peaks form, similar to a meringue. 

Next, take out a glass and fill halfway with milk. Top with the creamy coffee mixture and enjoy. You’ll probably want to mix the two layers before drinking, but photographs look better when the layers are separate. And, of course, if you’re making for social media, that’s the most important thing. 

How Lizzo failed to make Dalgona coffee

Bored at home because of the quarantine, Lizzo decided to get in on the Dalgona coffee trend. She posted a video of her attempt to Tik Tok, but unfortunately, it didn’t go very well. Evidenced by her caption, which read, “Sh*t don’t work.”

The video starts out with Lizzo, looking upbeat and excited to try out the recipe, posing with a jar of instant coffee. But as the video progresses, and her creation fails to form a fluffy mixture, she becomes more discouraged. It ends with Lizzo tossing the recipe aside, and instead pouring store-bought iced coffee into milk, and drinking with her middle finger out. 

The problem with Lizzo’s technique is that she failed to use an electric hand mixer. Instead, she tried to use a whisk. The original Dalgona video does say that hand mixing is an option, but it’s really hard to mix enough by hand to get the desired texture. It’s possible, but you’re probably going to end up with a sore arm and wrist before your coffee is done. If Lizzo had used an eclectic mixer, she probably would have had better results. 

Maybe Lizzo just needs to stick with music; she’s fantastic at that. Hopefully, this quarantine will end soon, so that Lizzo, and everyone else, can get back to what we’re good at.