Lizzo’s Favorite Vegan Restaurants Include a Hollywood Food Truck and a Tamale Joint

Over the past several years, the vegan diet has steadily grown in popularity. Celebrities (and many others) often try out the plant-based lifestyle to eat more sustainably. Lizzo is one celebrity who loves sharing details about her favorite vegan eats, from comfort food staples to treats from food trucks and restaurants. 

Notably, Lizzo has utilized her popularity on TikTok to bring awareness to small businesses around California that serve vegan food sure to delight everyone — vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Lizzo raved about the Lettuce Feast food truck

Singer Lizzo onstage
When she’s not performing, Lizzo often frequents popular vegan restaurants. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express

Lizzo is well-known to many fans worldwide as a singer and electrifying performer who puts on incredible stage shows. However, Lizzo has gained notoriety as a wellness advocate in recent years. She embarked on a vegan diet in early 2020. Since then, Lizzo has shared many of her favorite vegan eats and treats on social media. In particular, the singer has used TikTok to highlight some tempting sweet and savory vegan creations. 

According to VegOut Magazine, Lizzo’s first TikTok video spotlighted a Los Angeles-based vegan food truck called Lettuce Feast. In the video, she munches on one of the food truck’s signature sandwiches. The “Psychedelic Sando” features fried mushroom pieces, ranch, pickles, and tangy slaw, all piled on a buttered bun.

Lizzo noted in her video that the sandwich was “perfectly sauced and seasoned.” She also praised the accompanying bag of Cajun fries, comparing them to “that one Dorito that’s perfectly seasoned in the bag.”

What did Lizzo say about her favorite vegan tamale restaurant?



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Lizzo also loves tamales. In a TikTok video series, the singer shared a few of her favorite dishes from the Westlake-based tamale restaurant, Mama’s Tamales. Fans can see Lizzo enjoying the restaurant’s signature tamales with beans and rice while she sat in the car waiting for the rest of her order.

When she got home, Lizzo dove into the remainder of her order. She ate pupusas with salsa along with plantains with black beans and crema.

Lizzo showed a lot of love for the Salvadorian restaurant in her videos. She even made sure to show off the bag of food with the Mama’s Tamale’s sticker on it, encouraging fans to give the family-owned eatery a try. 

Lizzo has been open about her vegan diet

Although Lizzo enjoys eating out on occasion, she’s also become very proficient at cooking vegan meals at home. She often relies on simple, flavorful vegan smoothies for breakfast, featuring coconut water, frozen fruit, and kale or spinach. Lunch for the singer usually involves a large salad full of nutrients, such as broccoli, red onion, cabbage, and avocado, while hummus and vegan “Cheetos” make a perfect snack.

Lizzo likes to eat hearty meals for dinner. Specifically ones featuring vegan staples like mushroom balls, quinoa, and whatever leftover salad she has on hand. Lizzo has also been known to try out various vegan TikTok food trends, such as the super-popular “Nature’s Cereal” trend. This involves combining a variety of fruit and ice cubes in a bowl of coconut water and then eating it like cereal. 

In her take on the food trend, Lizzo made sure to note that “creamy” coconut water is key to a tasty dish. For the artist, clean, simple ingredients and proper seasoning are the keys to a successful vegan diet.

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