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Grammy-winning artist Lizzo first started releasing music in the early 2010s, but it wasn’t until the end of the decade when her popularity exploded after the release of her smash album Cuz I Love You. Now, Lizzo is back with her fourth album Special, and fans who purchase CD copies of the album will get a special touch from Lizzo herself.

Lizzo, who just released a new album, 'Special'
Lizzo | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Lizzo’s fourth album ‘Special’ is out

Lizzo first signaled her return to the music scene back in 2021 with “Rumors,” her funky collab with rapper Cardi B. In 2022, she released the album’s lead single, “About Damn Time.” The song reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, thanks in part to a viral TikTok dance challenge.

Lizzo first teased her fourth album back in 2020, claiming it was almost done. But it would be almost another year before she’d release “Rumors.”

She admitted to Zane Lowe in July 2022 that she was tempted to push the album out as quickly as possible, but had to hold herself back to ensure the final product was perfect. “I wanted to rush it so many times; there were so many points,” she said. “But in this process, I was like, ‘I got the album, OK? Let’s put it out. The singles are done.’ And those songs didn’t even make the album.”

“I’m just proud with how patient I was with myself and with my art, and I took the time to write the songs that need to come out. The stories that I wanted to share that people should hear.”

Lizzo hand-covered CD copies of the album herself

Lizzo’s new album has fans excited to listen as well as purchase physical copies of the project, either on vinyl or on CD.

Lizzo shared a sneak peek of the creation process behind the Special CDs on her Instagram. She laid out dozens of CD inserts on the ground, and personally showered them with silver glitter to add a unique touch to the cover art.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Why you playing with all that glitter, girl?'” she said in the video. “Well, I wanted to make a special glitter CD for all of you guys. I went out in the hot a** sun and I threw glitter all on my Special CDs so you can have something special. And I’m still finding glitter in my a**. So go and get your glitter Special CD today!”