Lizzo Wore a ‘Truth Hurts’ Inspired Costume to Ariana Grande’s Halloween Party

Lizzo and Ariana Grande have a lot in common. Both women are superstar artists who developed their love of music at a very early age. While their individual trajectories to stardom couldn’t be more different, both Lizzo and Grande have become two of the biggest names in music over recent years.

The two also share a strong friendship and have healthy mutual respect for each other. In an August interview, Lizzo opened up about one of her funniest memories with Grande, the time that she wore a costume inspired by one of her hit songs to Grande’s Halloween party. 

Lizzo’s song ‘Truth Hurts’ helped to put her on the map

Lizzo had been working in the music industry for several years by the time her song “Truth Hurts” hit the charts. The song, originally written in 2017, began charting in 2019, making Lizzo one of the year’s biggest up-and-coming stars. The viral sleeper hit, according to Lizzo, was written specifically about someone from her past, admitting that the song is “damn near a profile on a human being minus his name, [but] I think it’s important to me as a human being to not disclose everything in my life.”

Although the song made Lizzo a star, she ran into some trouble the year that it became a hit when a group of songwriters accused Lizzo of “borrowing” lyrics that they had written – specifically, the line “I just did a DNA test / turns out I’m a 100% that bitch.” Lizzo disputed the claims, according to Variety, taking to social media to post that “the men who now claim a piece of ‘Truth Hurts’ did not help me write any part of the song. They had nothing to do with the line or how I chose to sing it.”

Lizzo wore a DNA test costume to Ariana Grande’s star-studded Halloween bash

The copyright issue hasn’t dimmed the popularity of “Truth Hurts.” Rather, the song has become one of Lizzo’s signature songs, and over the years, the artist has completely embraced the role that the song has in her musical legacy. As Lizzo admitted in an August 2021 interview with the Zach Sang Show, she even rocked a costume inspired by the song to Grande’s Halloween party. 

Sang remarked that he and Lizzo had shared a “drunken interaction” at Grande’s party, remarking that Lizzo was dressed as a DNA test. Lizzo started laughing, saying “I remember.” Although the two didn’t reference the date of the party, it was likely in 2019, since Lizzo’s DNA test costume was widely reported on that year, with EW reporting that the costume featured a large, glittery cotton swab. 

Lizzo and Ariana Grande are good friends and collaborators

Lizzo dancing in pink catsuit, two backup dancers behind her
Lizzo | Gotham/WireImage

Lizzo and Grande are not only party buddies but have worked together as well. Notably, in October 2019, Lizzo released a special remixed version of her song “Good as Hell,” featuring guest vocals from none other than Grande.

Grande took to social media after the remix was released, according to Marie Claire, by writing that she had “the most fun…thank you @lizzobeeating for having me on this remix !! i love you, your energy and this record so so much.” Fans loved the special version of the song, praising the way that Lizzo and Grande’s own unique vocal stylings were able to perfectly meld together. 

Clearly, the two artists have maintained their friendship over the years as they both have grown in their respective careers, and it seems very likely that they might collaborate again in the near future. 

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