Lizzo’s Hilarious TikTok Response to VMAs Absence: ‘I’ll Be There Next Year’

Lizzo‘s funny TikTok in response to her VMA’s absence is hysterically spicy — just the type of hilarity fans have come to expect from her. It also gives viewers a good guess at what she was doing during the awards show. She may be used to dealing with hate, but the reason she missed the VMAs was all love. She let fans know why she wasn’t present to accept her award for Best Artist x Creator Collab for a viral TikTok.

Lizzo’s winning TikTok collaboration

Lizzo laughing in LA crowd
Lizzo leaving a restaurant in LA, September 2021 | Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Lizzo’s viral TikTok from June shows her trying a new food trend originally shared by creator @yayayayummy. In the video, the performer emerges from her bed to try a few bites of yellow mustard on watermelon. “I don’t understand,” she says at one point, while sharing a confused look with viewers.

It racked up more than 33 million views and 6 million likes. Now, Lizzo also has a VMA for the video, but she wasn’t even present to accept the award. What was she up to? She let followers know with another TikTok, of course!  

Lizzo’s hilarious TikTok lets fans in on what she did during the VMAs

While fans are left to interpret what Lizzo is really saying, the implication of the TikTok is clearly of a sexual nature. “I really won a VMA while I was gettin [sic] my back blown out last night,” she wrote over the video. “I’ll be there next year, I promise.”

Fans aren’t sure who “blew out” Lizzo’s back during the awards show, but one thing that’s pretty obvious is that she isn’t saying she did it to herself. Commenters reacted with laughing emojis and one fan asked if actor Chris Evans had been keeping the performer busy — a nod to the flirtatious friendship shared on social media by the two stars.  

Lizzo’s return to the stage follows release of hit single

Lizzo’s funny TikTok indicated she was busy with private activities during the VMAs. However, she was also able to get back to the public stage and perform for her fans in Minnesota recently. Lizzo put on a show in September 2021 that was her first live gig since the pandemic. The singer previously lived in the state, where she once worked with Prince.

According to Minnesota’s StarTribune, the sold-out show was a “90-minute lovefest of a performance” during which Lizzo cried to her fans. “I’m crying, ‘cuz [sic] I love you,” she told them. “We need this!”

On top of a VMA win, Lizzo is currently enjoying the success of “Rumors,” a collaboration with Cardi B. The music video has gained nearly 30 million views on YouTube since it premiered on August 12. Unfortunately, that achievement does not come without negative comments.

Lizzo opened up on TikTok about the hate she received following that release, calling out those who shamed her. Some have accused her of playing into “Mammy” stereotypes, which is a desexualized figure of a Black woman, as she pointed out. She then guessed that the same people calling her that also accuse her of hyper-sexualization. “Make it make sense,” she plainly stated with a shake of her head. She ultimately chalked the comments up to fatphobia and racism, pointing out that it just upsets some people to see a woman who looks like her being happy. In the end, she shared, “I’m on my way to make my dreams come true. I hope you are, too.”    

Judging by Lizzo’s funny TikTok bedroom confession about her VMA absence, she’s been keeping herself despite the backlash.

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