Loki Charms: You Can Have Your Favorite Marvel Baddie for Breakfast — for a Price

It’s no surprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached its current heights, in part, thanks to its nonstop marketing and thinking outside the box. With the MCU at its busiest phase to date, the company pulls no punches as it pushes its latest projects. And now, as Loki streams on Disney+, Marvel Studios has paired with an unlikely partner to promote fans’ favorite mischievous little scamp.

‘Loki’ is streaming now on Disney+

Actor Tom Hiddleston as the title character in Marvel Studios' 'Loki,' streaming on Disney+
Tom Hiddleston in ‘Loki’ | Marvel Studios

No villain has the footprint that Loki boasts in the MCU. Yes, Thanos and his half-sister Hela might be more powerful, and, yes, there might be more evil villains, but Loki has been there since the first stage and is yet to get the spotlight to himself. This all changes with the latest limited series, which shows what happened when the God of Mischief disappeared in Endgame and unwittingly threw time for a loop in the process. 

Loki premiered on June 9 on Disney+ and is airing new episodes every Wednesday, Parade reports. The third MCU property to hit the streaming giant, Loki follows WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s path to success by doing its own thing and letting a character who never got the spotlight have his moment. With fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston returning to the role that made him a household name, enthusiasts are excited to see where the first villain-centric series goes from here. 

The series picks up when Loki disappears after regaining the Tesseract during the time heist in Endgame. From there, he ends up wanted by a force more powerful than Thanos, Thor, or any of his other enemies. With Owen Wilson’s Morbius by his side, the series shows when the morally gray Loki learns of the consequences behind his darkest moments. 

And in debuting the show, Disney+ brings in an unlikely partner to help sell Loki to the world, one mischievous spoonful at a time. 

Loki Charms got scooped up fast

Lucky Charms has become a household name since it debuted in 1964. With its iconic mascot, a leprechaun constantly trying to protect his Lucky Charms, the cereal is a favorite among kids (and kids at heart) who like its sugar-loaded spoonfuls of marshmallowy goodness. Now, the MCU baddie has taken over the cereal for a limited time with Loki Charms, according to Nerdist.

Mashed notes that the cereal, which launched in a YouTube trailer featuring a cartoonish version of the titular antihero, was sold on MischievouslyDelicious.com. But it sold out within hours. However, with only 3,500 boxes available, it’s less likely to become a favorite in bowls than on collectors’ shelves. In fact, boxes are listed on eBay for around $100 or more.

The fervor over a breakfast food goes to show how different Loki is from your average Marvel villain.

A mischievous little scamp

Part of the reason Loki is an MCU legend is that he’s so hard to sell. One moment, he’s attacking New York City with an intergalactic fleet of spaceships. The next, he’s fighting side-by-side with his brother Thor. That’s what keeps Hiddleston coming back to the role.

“I suppose my good fortune is that Loki, as far as I’m aware, or as I have discovered in my research over the time, is so complex,” he told SlashFilm. “The character contains so much range that every time I play him, he’s in new environments, which reveal new characteristics, and new facets, and new aspects of who he is. I’ve worked with some great directors who’ve always put him in different situations and new environments.”

Hiddleston also credits the audience for being so good to him and allowing him to take these risks. After all, it’s hard to make the God of Mischievous into the little scamp we see in the series, but Hiddleston helped do just that. As such, he might’ve been the most prominent Marvel character who hadn’t gotten a solo adventure. But that has changed with the new series.

Now, the lucky fans who got their Loki Charms can pour a bowl of cereal and see where his moral journey goes from here. 

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