‘Loki’: Easter Eggs in the Opening Credits

Marvel’s Loki featured many Easter eggs. Chances are in between concentrating on the big supervillain and keeping up with the multiversal escapades of Loki, who is meant to escape the clutches of the superheroes, you missed those embedded within the opening credits. There were iconic real-world, and Marvel Cinematic Universe quotes that were all over the timeline.

A brief overview of ‘Loki’

A scene from Loki with Loki and the variant.
Loki | Getty Images

Loki follows the story of a mischievous villain who goes to interesting lengths hoping to escape the Avengers. However, the quick-witted god is caught by the guards from the Time Variance Authority, who then take away his powers. Audiences are taken through the moral dilemma between being on the side of the main villain who ends up looking like the underdog or sticking with the superheroes. The egoist Loki is presented as a diversion from the usual endearing anti-hero that Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought to our screens in all their previous installations.

Overall, the series is rife with rich characters and a great pilot. The characters are represented as being fun and goofy, which further attracts audiences looking for dark humor. Fans get to enjoy philosophical and quirky comebacks with exciting pop culture references. Critics cite that the show was written with wit and sensationalism that it is difficult to hate the production genuinely. It is safe to claim that the fan base and critics alike are looking forward to the second season of Loki.

MCU and real-life quotes within ‘Loki’

Both Marvel Cinematic Universe and real-life quotes are ubiquitous throughout Loki’s plot. For starters, Loki quotes Iron Man by proclaiming, “We have a Hulk.” The villain quotes the Avengers: Infinity War as he compared the Avengers to puny gods in the same spirit. This is after he angrily told Thanos he would never be a god, which is still a quote from the Avengers franchise. Finally, Loki’s last words, “Glorious Purpose!” were a quote by Richard E. Grant.

Within the Loki installation, the Avengers was the Marvel Cinematic Universe production whose quotes were mainly featured. Natasha Romanoff quotes the film to Coulson while fighting off captors. What’s more, Nick Fury quotes the Avengers while speaking of the Avengers’ Initiative concept. An additional character who quotes the franchise is Clint Barton, as he has an exchange with Wanda Maximoff.

Other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the cast in Loki quotes other movies. For instance, Kaecilius quotes Doctor Strange about his mission, stating, “Time is the true enemy of us all.” Hank Pym also quotes Ant-Man and The Wasp while talking to Scott Lang about the Ant-Man suit. Sylvie is also cited as Loki tries to enchant Aliot.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is also featured in Loki when the winter soldiers ask where Bucky is, a direct quote from the superhero movie. Sam Wilson also quotes the film in his exchange with Scott Lang, which also features when the Avengers professes that he is more potent than the Avengers could be.

Departure from the classic MCU fanfare


In most Marvel movies, you have the usual fanfare during the opening title card before the episode. However, there was a departure from this during the opening title card since the quotes are played over Harry James and Kitty Kallen’s song ‘It’s Been a Long, Long Time’ that acted as the backdrop. Screenrant calls attention to the fact that this was the same song that Captain America and Peggy Carter had danced to during the finale of Avengers: Endgame.

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