‘Loki’: Owen Wilson Reveals Mobius’s Gray Hair Was Inspired By His Role in This Mockumentary Series

When Marvel announced they’d be releasing a new TV series revolving around Loki, one of their most popular characters, fans went wild. Many were excited to find out that they’d have another opportunity to see a character whose fate had previously been left in the air. 

But Marvel’s exciting new Disney+ series Loki features more than just Tom Hiddleston’s familiar face. The show also has some new characters, including Mobius, who is played by Owen Wilson

Many viewers were surprised to see Wilson donning a new gray-haired look in Marvel’s official trailer for Loki. Wilson, who is naturally blonde-haired, recently revealed that the new look was actually inspired by an earlier role he had in a separate TV show. 

Owen Wilson says Mobius’ gray hair was inspired by his role in ‘Documentary Now!’

Owen Wilson attends the premiere of the Weinstein Company's "No Escape"
Owen Wilson attends the premiere of the Weinstein Company’s “No Escape” | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Wilson discussed the inspiration behind Mobius’ gray hair during a recent interview with Variety. According to Wilson, the look came from an appearance he adopted while working on Documentary Now!, a mockumentary TV series. 

“I’m glad we’re talking about this, because I really love the look for him,” Wilson said. “The gray hair in that crew cut, that really was just a couple of weeks before filming, that we talked about that. I actually had done something for “Documentary Now,” and I had worn some wigs playing sort of a guru. One look they had for me as an FBI guy, they had me in a kind of more gray hair crew cut. They didn’t really use it in the thing, but I thought that’s a good look, and so I had had that in my mind.”

Marvel’s production team was nervous to try out the look 

Even though Wilson was excited about his new look from the start, the Loki production was initially a bit uncertain. Wilson’s character, Mobius, has traditionally had a very specific hairstyle in comics, so it makes sense why the crew had reservations about changing his appearance. Luckily, everyone ended up happy with the new ‘do. 

“When I suggested it [for Loki], they were kind of open to it. They worked on it,” Wilson said. They were, I think, a little bit nervous, just because it’s different than maybe not what they were expecting, but it’s funny now, I think that they would all say that they couldn’t imagine Mobius not looking like that, because it really did become that character.”

Owen Wilson says the ‘Loki’ production team was open to new ideas

The Loki team’s flexibility with Mobius’ appearance is a great example of their willingness to try out new things and work with their talent. While some TV shows have crews that can be a bit uptight, Loki’s production team was always willing to talk with Wilson about new ideas.

“Sometimes there would be logic stuff that I didn’t quite follow, and Kate [Herron] was always very good about letting us talk about it,” Wilson said. “And then if we had a solution that maybe made it better, the producers will always very welcoming if you have an idea. So, I always felt encouraged if I had any ideas. A lot of ideas were just the way Tom and I can relate to each other.”