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‘Loki’: Easter Eggs in the Opening Credits

Marvel's Loki featured many Easter eggs. While concentrating on the big supervillain and keeping up with the multiversal escapades of Loki who is meant to escape the clutches of the superheroes, you missed those embedded within the opening credits. There were iconic real-world and Marvel Cinematic Universe quotes that were all over the timeline.

A Marvel Theory About What All Female Characters in Phase 4 Have in Common Could Predict Their Outcome Too

From the beginning, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had strong women. But there’s a difference between featuring or highlighting women that are strong or strong-willed in your movies and actually having a strongly fleshed-out female character. Because Marvel has actually been lacking in the latter.  It wasn’t until recently that more of their female characters …

Some of Loki’s Heroic Moments

Throughout Loki's arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he also had some heroic moments, though some might seem less heroic because Loki was basically just helping Thor clean up the mess that he made. Here are some of Loki's most heroic moments, along with some of his mistakes that he at tried to fix.