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Tom Hiddleston is all set to return as the God of Mischief in the new Loki TV series. Fans may remember that his character died in Avengers: Infinity War. So to clear up any confusion, Hiddleston has shared which version of Loki fans will get when the Disney+ series premieres.

Tom Hiddleston smiles deviously in a green vest and tie, black blazer, and gold crown with a red, white, and blue pin that reads 'Loki' in Marvel's 'Loki' TV series on Disney+.
Tom Hiddleston in a scene from the new ‘Loki’ TV series on Disney+ | Marvel Studios

How did Loki die?

After being resurrected a couple of times, Loki officially bit the dust in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos restrains Thor, murders Heimdall, and comes upon Loki, who tries to talk him down. 

But when Loki attempts to stab him with a dagger, Thanos grabs him by the throat and kills him. A version of Loki from the past next appears in Avengers: Endgame when Ant-Man and Iron Man go back in time and alter the events of The Avengers

Tom Hiddleston reveals which version of Loki we’ll get on the Disney+ TV series

The Loki we’ve followed through the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have died. But according to Hiddleston, the MCU’s new series, Loki, will feature the version of the God of Mischief fans saw in The Avengers

“This Loki is the Loki who lost the battle of New York at the end of the first Avengers film,” the actor revealed in a recent chat with TV Insider. “This is the Loki who went through the story of the first Avengers film, he arrived on Earth, he had the tesseract, was captured by SHIELD and imprisoned. And he invites an alien army to attack the city of Manhattan and is defeated by the assembled Avengers.”

“So this is that Loki,” he added. “He’s been apprehended and is being taken from Stark Tower toward Central Park. But as you see in Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers from 2019 have gone back to 2012 to change things around. And in kind of a mixup, the tesseract rolls to Loki’s feet. He’s the God of Mischief, [so] he picks it up and disappears.”

In ‘Loki’ the God of Mischief won’t be on an arc of redemption

After The Avengers, fans have seen Loki evolve into a slightly more compassionate being. For example, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok, he teams up with Thor to stop their sister, Hela, from taking over Asgard.  

But in the Loki TV series, fans won’t get the evolved version of the character they’ve grown to know.

“The audience [does] broadly have a better perspective on Loki than Loki does,” he explained. “The audience has seen the events of The Dark World and Ragnarok and Infinity War and Endgame. And this Loki is a Loki that doesn’t have any of that self-awareness. He hasn’t been on this arc of redemption and catharsis.”


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The show will follow Loki as he is captured by the Time Variance Authority and is forced to work with TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius to help catch a killer. But as Hiddleston noted, because Loki hasn’t lived through the same timeline as everyone else, he will feel entirely out of place. 

“Upon being apprehended by the TVA, he’s a very confused and destabilized being,” the actor said. “He’s out of his comfort zone, [like] a fish out of water, and not happy about it.”

The Loki TV series premieres June 9 on Disney+.