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We know Theresa Caputo best for her big hair, long nails, and incredible ability to communicate with the dead. And thanks to TLC’s Long Island Medium, we’ve gotten to see Theresa use her gift on strangers and celebrities alike. Aside from speaking to spirits, fans have become completely invested in Theresa’s personal life, too. And while we know she’s no longer married to Larry Caputo, we know through her Instagram updates that her daughter, Victoria, is all set to get married.

While Victoria, 24, and Larry Jr., 26, are rarely on the show anymore, we know Theresa still maintains an ultra-close relationship with them. And though Victoria doesn’t often take the spotlight on TV, fans are praising her for remaining positive about her body despite receiving criticism for gaining weight.

Theresa Caputo’s daughter, Victoria, is preparing for her wedding

We may not see much of Theresa’s kids these days, but according to what the medium has said during interviews and written on Instagram, they seem to be doing extremely well. And fans can’t wait for Victoria’s wedding to happen. Life & Style reports Victoria got engaged to her fiance, Michael, back in February. “So this HAPPENED! Victoria’s ENGAGED,” Theresa posted on her Instagram. “Congratulations to my beautiful baby and her future husband Michael. Let the planning begin!”

It looks like wedding planning is coming along quite well so far, too. Back in May, Theresa talked to Extra about how she and Larry were getting along swimmingly, as they were helping each other make all the necessary wedding arrangements. And Victoria posted photos of her engagement party to her Instagram, too.

Victoria revealed she was being bullied for weight gain

Victoria looks stunning in all of her engagement party photos, but she hasn’t always been so confident in her body. Good Housekeeping reminds us back in 2018, Theresa learned her daughter was being cyberbullied for her weight. And Theresa even posted about her daughter’s bullying on Twitter back in October.

Thankfully, the Twitter post got tons of love from fans. As one supporter commented, “My daughter was bullied about her weight as well. I always told her to keep her head high and know that the bullies are just trying to hide behind their own insecurities.” And even Victoria addressed the bullies herself in August 2018 with this Instagram post. “Just want to give a shout out to all my haters. Yes i have gained weight recently and although i am not happy about it and have my insecurities it does not change me as a person [sic],” she started her post.

She still posts photos of her body on Instagram, and fans are supportive

Victoria’s call-out post from 2018 seemed very well-received — and it seems in 2019, she’s not letting the haters get her down, either. She’s posted many photos to Instagram that show her body-positive attitude, like this one of her in a swimsuit. And fans are absolutely loving how fearless and confident she is.

“So awesome that you arent afraid to show off those curves,” one fan commented on the swimsuit photo. And another added, “
V you are glowing!!” Yet another supportive fan wrote, “You Look Amazing!You inspire me to feel comfortable in my own Skin.So Thank you for always being real and your true self [sic].”

Victoria’s fearlessness may also rub off on Theresa, too. As Theresa told Good Housekeeping in an interview, “It’s kind of disheartening when you post a picture of yourself and people are saying negative things ‘Oh, your hair, your nails are gross, what’s with that hairdo?'” But with Victoria’s confidence in her own skin, we know the medium will also keep believing in herself. Here’s to the Caputos and the soon-to-be beautiful bride!

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