‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Changed Her Hair, and Fans Are Loving It

TLC viewers have been missing Long Island Medium since the ending of the last season — but the good news is that the show is now returning in October. When it first started years ago, we got to know Theresa Caputo, who’s famous for her ability to speak with the dead. But over time, fans also became involved in her personal life. From her big hair to her long nails to her relationships and family, we’ve seen it all on the show. And our investment in Caputo on a personal level is high.

There are a few consistent features Caputo is known for as well — and one of them is her hair. And while Caputo’s hair is typically always styled the same way, a recent Instagram photo shows her changing it up. Here’s what fans are saying.

Theresa Caputo’s hair has stayed the same for years

Aside from her ability to talk to the dead, fans know Caputo well for her signature look — and part of that is her teased-out blonde tresses. Caputo’s hair is actually naturally quite curly, as we’ve seen in this throwback photo she posted. But over time, it seems to have gotten blonder and larger on top.

Her hair has become so infamous, in fact, that she’s even discussed it on Extra. Since it takes a lot to maintain her hair the way it is, she admits that when she’s on tour, she loves having “bus hair.” “Bus hair is the best,” she tells the interviewer, which implies her hair isn’t styled and is under a baseball cap instead. “This is not bus hair,” she told the interviewer again regarding her current styled ‘do.

Her hair looks like it’s a lot to maintain, however. And unfortunately, certain celebrities who’ve worked with her, like Howard Stern, have called her out for being high-maintenance with her looks and demands, too.

Her fans want her to change up her look

While we know and love Caputo for the way she’s always looked, there’s no doubt fans would love to see a change. On recent Instagram photos, her followers have taken to the comments to tell her she would look even more beautiful if she toned down the hair. “Your face is so tiny for such big hair. I keep wishing you’d style it short and sassy like your personality!!” a fan commented on this photo of Caputo in a red blazer. And in this photo with her godmother, another follower commented that her hair “looks like a helmet.”

As for what everyone would rather see, they’d love for Caputo to go back to her natural curls. “Is your hair naturally that curly? Its amazinggggg!” a fan commented on the throwback photo of her with her son. And in another throwback emphasizing her natural ‘do, another wrote, “Wow kinda weird seeing your hair like this but I love it.”

She finally changed her style in this Instagram photo, and fans are loving it

This recent photo shows Caputo playing with a huge set of Jenga — but that’s not what fans noticed. It’s clear she’s just relaxing at home with no hair or makeup done — and everyone’s freaking out over her toned-down look. “This is how ur hair always needs to be all the time,” one follower commented. And another wrote, “I can’t believe your hair I’ve always seen you wearing your bouffant love it.” Yet another added, ” really like the hair style it looks super cute on you Theresa.”

Will Caputo listen to her followers and keep her look more natural from here on out? Considering how much she loves her current style, we doubt it. But maybe since her life has gone through so many changes over the past few years, a change in look could be exactly what she needs. We’ll find out Oct. 18 on TLC when the new season of Long Island Medium begins!

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