‘Long Island Medium’: What Is the Net Worth of Theresa Caputo’s Ex-Husband, Larry Caputo?

We’ve been keeping up with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo since the show first aired in 2011. Fans fell in love with her big hair, long nails, and Long Island accent — and of course, her gift was totally captivating as well. Theresa’s claim to fame is that she can communicate with the dead, and she’s truly embraced her gift since her 20s. Thanks to her medium abilities and big personality, she’s made a ton of money, too.

Theresa’s a huge part of why Long Island Medium became so successful, but we also fell in love with her family, too. And her ex-husband Larry has quite the net worth thanks to his multiple appearances over the years. Here’s how much he’s worth today.

Larry and Theresa were together for 28 years prior to their divorce

When Long Island Medium first started, fans couldn’t imagine a world where the two weren’t together. Bustle explains in Theresa’s book, There’s More to Life Than This, the medium explained how she first met Larry. She was working at his family’s oil company as a customer service representative when the two first came into contact — and though he was 11 years older than her, they hit it off immediately. Just two years after meeting, Theresa and Larry were married — and thanks to the show, we got to see plenty of adorable moments between the couple and their two kids.

Unfortunately for fans, the end of an era came in 2017. E! News reminds us Larry and Theresa announced their separation after 28 years. As for why the two chose to part ways, Larry noted to his friend in the show that there was a lack of communication between them, and their busy schedules made it tough to see each other as much as he wanted to. Today, Larry and Theresa remain on good terms, though they’re officially divorced and moving forward on totally separate paths.

He now lives in California and is starting his own creative projects

So, now that Larry is no longer Theresa’s husband, what is he up to? The Long Island Medium star has been focusing on creating a new wine according to an Instagram post from August 2018. Good Housekeeping notes other publications have said in the past he’s been involved in importing food and wine, so perhaps he’ll continue this endeavor while living in California.

The publication also reminds us that there’s a new woman in Larry’s life. While Theresa has stated she’s focusing on herself instead of dating around, Larry’s been spotted shopping in Alabama with a woman named Connie Stauddy. He also told TMZ that “he’s moved on” from the divorce and was seeing someone new, so fans seemed to assume Connie was that new special woman in his life.

Larry’s total net worth

As for Larry’s net worth, Long Island Medium proved to be quite lucrative for the entire Caputo family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s worth $3 million.

It turns out Theresa’s net worth is right around $3 million as well, which makes sense considering most of Long Island Medium was filmed while the two were still together. As for what’s in store for both Larry and Theresa’s futures, we’ll have to see — though we know Theresa will continue on with her TLC program and live shows while Larry will fulfill his own pursuits away from the cameras. Fans are surely hoping he’ll make guest appearances on the TV show, but only time will tell.

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