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Beloved country singer Loretta Lynn died on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022. She leaves behind an incredible legacy, as she was one of the most well-known country stars in the U.S. During her decades-long career, she worked with many notable stars, too — but Loretta Lynn and Elvis Presley never collaborated. Here’s what she said about not working with the infamous performer.

Country star Loretta Lynn collaborated with many other singers and songwriters in her lifetime

Loretta Lynn and Mickey Gilley singing together on stage
Loretta Lynn and Mickey Gilley | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Loretta Lynn started her career shortly after marrying her husband, Oliver Lynn. Oliver pushed Loretta to get into song creation after buying her first guitar in her teens. From that moment forward, Loretta found success in singing about her tumultuous marriage, her six children, and her difficult family life as a coal miner’s daughter.

Lynn had a particular fondness for fellow country star Patsy Cline. According to Wide Open Country, the two met when Lynn’s music career was just starting in Nashville, Tennessee, in the ’50s. “After I met Patsy, life got better for me because I fought back,” Lynn noted. “Before that, I just took it. I had to.” The two then went on to tour together, and Lynn created a tribute album for her.

Lynn also collaborated with Conway Twitty. The two met in 1968, and they had many musical collaborations together. “I loved Conway,” she shared. “He was my friend. And my husband loved him.”

Jack White and Lynn collaborated on music later in life. White approached Lynn after meeting her in 2014, and they later created the album Van Lear Rose, which won two Grammy Awards.

Loretta Lynn explained why she and Elvis Presley never wrote songs together

While other country stars heavily sought after Loretta Lynn, she and Elvis Presley never worked together. So, why did Loretta Lynn and Elvis Presley never create a star-studded album?

Lynn spoke to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2016. She shared with the host that she had every intention of writing songs with Presley, but he died two weeks before they planned to collaborate. Presley died on Aug. 16, 1977.

“You know, we were going to write together,” she told Cohen. “Two weeks before he died, we talked about it. Come and do it and get together and write. We never got to.”

Cohen then asked Lynn what kind of man Presley was to “hang out with,” and she noted she really never got the chance. “You know, I never was with him,” she added. “I never had got the chance to be [with him].”

She’s remembered after her death by other country stars


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While Loretta Lynn and Elvis Presley never collaborated, they both are remembered fondly for their musical contributions.

“Oh, sweet Loretta Lynn … what a life!” LeAnn Rimes tweeted, according to “What an icon! What a trailblazer! What a beautiful soul! May she rest peacefully with the angels. My heart is with her family and friends.”

“So sorry to hear about my sister, friend Loretta,” Dolly Parton stated. “We’ve been like sisters all the years we’ve been in Nashville and she was a wonderful human being, wonderful talent, had millions of fans and I’m one of them. I miss her dearly as we all will. May she rest in peace.”

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