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Country singer Loretta Lynn died on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022, and she’ll forever be remembered for her beautiful music and memorable life. Loretta was a coal miner’s daughter and married at just 15 years old. She and her husband, Oliver Lynn, had several children together. So, who are Loretta Lynn’s children? Here’s what to know about her large family.

How many kids did Loretta Lynn have with her husband, Oliver Lynn?

Patsy (L) and Peggy Lynn, Loretta Lynn's children, singing together on stage
Patsy (L) and Peggy Lynn | Donald B. Kravitz/Getty Images

According to Biography, Loretta Lynn met her husband, Oliver Lynn, at a pie social. When they married, she was just 15 years old, and Oliver was 21. Loretta then went on to have six children with Oliver.

So, who were Loretta Lynn’s children? Country Thang Daily reports Loretta and Oliver’s oldest child was Betty Sue Lynn. Loretta gave birth to Betty on Nov. 26, 1948 — the same year she tied the knot with Oliver. Betty and Loretta reportedly had a very close relationship growing up.

Loretta then had Jack Benny Lynn on Dec. 7, 1949. He grew up to become a blacksmith and horse trainer, never taking up a country music career like many of his siblings.

Loretta’s third child was Clara Marie Lynn, nicknamed “Cissie.” Born on April 7, 1952, Cissie loved music and later opened a country store and music barn.

The fourth child Loretta and Oliver had was Ernest Ray Lynn. Ernest was born on May 27, 1952, and he opened shows for Laura throughout his lifetime.

Finally, Loretta’s fifth and sixth children were twins Peggy and Patsy Lynn. Born on Aug. 6, 1964, Peggy was named after Loretta’s sister, Peggy Sue, and Patsy was named after fellow singer and friend Patsy Cline.

How many of Loretta Lynn’s children are still alive?

Many of Loretta Lynn’s children are still alive in 2022. But two of her kids did not survive her.

According to Heavy, Betty Sue Lynn died due to complications from emphysema in 2013. “Lynn died Monday from complications of emphysema in Waverly, Tennessee, near her mother’s ranch in Hurricane Mills,” a statement read. Loretta was devastated at the time. Fellow country star Reba McEntire tweeted about Betty’s death.

“Oh, my heart hurts so much for my friend Loretta Lynn,” McEntire posted.

Before Betty’s death, Loretta’s son, Jack, drowned in 1984 at 34 years old on the family’s property. Heavy reports that Jack was riding on his horse through the 5,000-acre family ranch. “He called out to a ranch hand “I’m goin’ ridin’,” and went off into the hills,” a report from People reads. “Sometime in the evening, horse and rider tried to ford the often treacherous Duck River that bisects the Lynn spread. They never made it: On Tuesday a sheriff’s search party found the horse standing beneath a river bluff, and Jack’s body in the water nearby.”

She expressed regret about going on tour and leaving her kids at home


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Not only did Loretta Lynn start having children when she was a teenager, but she also was the family breadwinner and occasionally left to go on tour. While speaking to Time Out, she expressed some regret about leaving her kids at home during this time.

“That was my worst thing, having to leave the kids when I went on the road,” she shared. “’Cause I worked all the time at home. I was either pickin’ strawberries or hoein’ strawberries. Singing is not as hard as eight-hour job work and with four kids.”

With that said, she noted growing up as a young mom with her children was a “great life” for her. ” Even though you don’t have anything hardly, it’s a great life to be with your kids, and every woman oughtta be with her kids,” Loretta added. “That’s her job and it’s good for both of you.”

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