‘Love After Lockup’: The Details of Michael Simmons’ Felony Child Neglect Charge Made Fans Cringe

Love After Lockup is a popular reality show that premiered on We TV in 2018. The series, which chronicles the lives of those recently released from incarceration and their significant others, can always be counted on to bring the drama. Many fans are invested in Love After Lockup, and to this day, the series remains popular with viewers of all ages.

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One of the most high-profile stars of Love After Lockup is Michael Simmons, whose dramatic love triangle made headlines for months. These days, fans are following Simmons’ story for a whole new reason – the reality star was recently found guilty of felony child neglect.

Michael Simmons is a star of ‘Love After Lockup’ and ‘Life After Lockup’

Michael Simmons was first introduced to viewers on Love After Lockup when he was serving time behind bars for parole violations. The drama started with Simmons when he got involved in a love triangle that involved Simmons, his then-wife, Sarah Simmons, and his new girlfriend, Megan Nash. Fans watched as Simmons pursued Nash hotly, all while Sarah Simmons was pregnant with his child and planning on reuniting with him after his release from jail.

Throughout the third season of Love After Lockup, Simmons continued the romance with both women. When Simmons got released from jail, he showed up at Nash’s home, intent on maintaining his affair with her – with his relationship with Sarah Simmons growing ever more volatile in the process. 

Michael Simmons was recently found guilty of felony child neglect

Ultimately, Michael and Sarah Simmons decided that they wanted to work through their differences for the sake of their two young daughters. Still, Michael Simmons has remained in and out of trouble with the law, which has caused problems with his relationship with Sarah Simmons. In November 2020, Simmons found himself in hot water once again, this time in a situation involving a young child.

According to Starcasm, Simmons was ultimately found guilty of felony child neglect in the summer of 2021, a third-degree felony in Florida that resulted in several days behind bars and a fine of $769.

As Starcasm reported, there appeared to be no additional punishment levied on Simmons, in spite of the fact that Simmons apparently left a young male child alone in a hotel for upwards of five hours, during which time witnesses watched the young boy wander the grounds completely unsupervised.

While Simmons would later claim that he only left the child alone in order to get snacks for the boy, hotel staff was alarmed enough by the unsupervised child to call 911 to report the situation. 

What’s next for Michael Simmons?

Fans were shocked by the details of Michael Simmons’ child neglect charge, in particular, the fact that the reality star wasn’t mandated to take any parenting classes by the court. It’s also unclear how Simmons is related to the child in question since that information was redacted from court documents, according to All About the Tea

In fact, Sarah Simmons, his estranged wife, took to social media in the days following Michael Simmons’ arrest, clarifying that she is not the mother of the child and that she and her two children with Simmons were not involved.

With Simmons back in the spotlight due to his many legal troubles, it seems likely that more information will come to light over the next few months. As to Simmons’ future on reality TV, the jury is out – although if there’s one thing that he has proven, it’s that he has a knack of getting second chances.

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