‘Love & Hip Hop’: Why Apryl Jones Doesn’t Want Anymore Children

It’s no secret that the breakup between Apryl Jones and Omarion was messy. Jones accuses Omarion of playing dirty with child support and their custody arrangement. Luckily, they appear to be in a better place in their co-parenting relationship. But, due to all of the drama with her ex, Jones says having more children in the future isn’t a desire of hers.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones | Leon Bennett/WireImage

Apryl Jones shares two children with Omarion

Omarion and Jones dated from 2011-2015. Together, they share two children: a son, Megaa – and a daughter, A’mei.

While their relationship appeared to be the most solid out of the cast during their two seasons on the show, Jones says Omarion’s management team contrived their image. When speaking to MadameNoire earlier this year, Jones referenced their relationship as “controlled.”

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“When I came out of that relationship, which was fully f–king controlled and it was a lot going on, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ I totally lost myself in that,” she said. “I had respect for him I was like, alright, let me shut up. People don’t pay attention to the fact that when you’re in a relationship, you have to take all of that into account. You’re protecting somebody. You’re essentially wanting to make that person happy so you’re willing to do whatever it takes to do that.”

She accuses Omarion of abandoning their family while giving her no explanation. Per Jones, Omarion left her two months after the birth of their daughter. She says she spiraled into a depression, downsized into a smaller home, and was forced to return to work in radiation science to care for their children with little financial support from her ex.

The breakup and subsequent custody battle left Apryl Jones weary of having more children

In addition to struggling to find her footing as s single mother, Jones says she has minimal support of her family as per a court order, she is forced to remain in LA with her children. She’s originally from Chicago.

“It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road,” she tells BCK Online. “I had numerous amounts of days where I wanted to give up going through court stuff, dealing with being the only one here in LA with no family or support, being forced to have to move into a space with two little kids with no explanation because my partner decided he didn’t want his family anymore.”

Because of her experiences with her ex and the difficulties she’s found with co-parenting, Jones currently has no desire to have any more children. 

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“More so than anything, I just don’t want another baby daddy,” she explains. “That’s the God honest truth. I just don’t want to have to deal with someone else and then my kids are getting older and I like that.”

As for the advice she has for others in similar situations, she says putting the kids first is the best way to go. 

“I think all the adults have to remove the emotions from whatever the situation is and really just focus on the children,” she says. “I know that’s easier said than done, but all you can do is be kind and nice. Keep adult [stuff] where the adults reside. Let the children be happy and keep them always in the forefront of it all.”

Jones recently starred in Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion, where she reconnected with old cast members and updated fans on her love life.