‘Love is Blind’: Bartise Reveals What He Thinks Would’ve Changed Outcome of His and Nancy’s Current Relationship

Love is Blind has two couples from Season 3 who remain married, but the couples that split are still trying to process the end. Bartise and Nancy appeared to be an odd couple to many viewers, especially with their age difference and Nancy wanting to settle into family life immediately. It was no surprise that they didn’t work to some fans. But Bartise says one thing could have changed the outcome of where they stand now.

'Love Is Blind' star Bartise Bowden wears a blue suit while sitting on a couch at the reunion.
‘Love Is Blind’ star Bartise Bowden was accused of going on a date the day after his wedding. | Cr. Sara Mally/Netflix © 2022

Bartise says if he said no at the altar, they’d still be together

From the start, Bartise was torn between Nancy and Raven. But after pouring his heart out to Raven in the pods and the pilates instructor opting to work out while he was doing so, he tearfully came to the decision that Raven was not the woman for him. He proposed to Nancy, but feelings for Raven came back when they met in person.

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Bartise constantly praised Raven’s looks, making Nancy question their relationship. But, at the altar, she was ready to make him her husband. Bartise was not and said no. It devastated Nancy, and pissed her family off.

By the reunion, Nancy remained emotional over the breakup and felt blindsided by his decision. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Bartise explained that he believes they’d still be together if they wed. “That’s part of the reason why I said no, because I only wanna make that decision one time. Let’s say I say ‘yes,’ and we encounter problems or whatever, we’re sticking together,” he said. “Her parents are divorced; my parents are divorced. I’m not going through that. So yes, if I said yes, we would still be together.”

Why the are no longer friends

The former couple took a month-long break from communicating after the wedding. According to Bartise, Nancy made the first move in initiating contact via text, and the two met up for dinner and drinks to reflect on their experiences and time together. 

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From there, they established a friendship. But once they entered into other relationships, he says it was difficult to maintain their bond and respect boundaries established by their respective partners.

“We decided to move forward trying to be friends. Fast forward a few more months, [and] now we’re both in other relationships. And I found it hard to maintain the level of friendship that Nancy wanted with me while I was also trying to be respectful of a new girl I was dating because, you know, she would get jealous that I was talking to Nancy,” he said.

He would have preferred to give their relationship another shot

Bartise is now single, and he says his goal was to continue dating Nancy after filming. But Nancy was opposed.

“That was my plan. I was like, ‘I’m not ready to say yes for the rest of my life with you right now, but….if we keep going romantically then, who knows what we could be?’” he said. He admits he was confused by Nancy ending things altogether.